Cheery Waves: Mapping the Abuse of Power

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Cheery Waves
Cheery Waves

The format is too confining to me with all that info appearing all at once but it's a good start and good to see people emerging who are working to map the abuse of power and how to regain control of our “collective future.”

The Ultimate History Lesson — Knowledge Map

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Phi Beta Iota:  Caveat —  Wikipedia is a controlled asset.  Most of the pages that matter are being actively manipulated by corporations with vested interests in retarding public intelligence and public access to both the truth and to connections among cause and effect, true cost of goods, etcetera.

Cheery Waves: Seven Stages to the Khilafah in 2020

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Cheery Waves
Cheery Waves

Working Hypothesis – AQ and the Muslim Brotherhood

Ayman al-Zawahiri, current head of AQ, was an instrumental figure of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), the armed wing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Zawahiri was imprisoned following the assassination of Anwar Sadat.  He came to power within AQ following the death of Abdullah Yusuf Azzam (for which he has been occasionally implicated). With the death of bin Laden, he assumed the  role of leader of AQ.

My hypothesis is that Zawahiri was instrumental in developing AQ toward its global stature, although bin Laden had always said that America was his primary focus. Bin Laden, however, was targeting America's economic stature more than anything else, with the current economic status of the US, it would seem he may have succeeded.  The hypothesis continues that Zawahiri wanted to hijack the movement and use it as a tool to re-establish the Caliphate.   The attached document, prepared prior to the turn of the century, suggests that the Arab Spring and all other efforts have been closely orchestrated to bring down those governments that have failed in their Islamic duties……..

Still working this line, however, nobody believes it. I have passed the attached around folks within the IC, nobody has seen it….their take, propaganda more than anything else.  I found the document while downloading the current version of AQ's English language magazine from the IntelCenter….so I would think that it should be taken at face value. Further, it was published on IntelCenter's website in 2008, so if it is propaganda it still mirrors current activities….another reason most in the IC rejected it, it is Open Source and therefore suspect. Of course nobody can tell me why something obtained through second parties (clandestine activities) makes it more reliable…..

2013-03-11 HIST 1997 Seven_Stages_Towards_The_Khilafah_In_The_Year_2020

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Journal: Cheery Waves Flags Citizen Journalism Study

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A global study into 60 citizen journalism projects in 33 countries found citizen journalism flourished under governments which could be characterized as “soft authoritarianism” regimes such as in Malaysia and South Korea. Professor Michael Bromley from the University of Queensland School of Journalism and Communication told The Australian that citizen journalism flourishes “where there is room to comment and to intervene and to participate but there are strict rules: for example, the media is controlled by the state. That creates a need for it.” In repressive countries, such as Burma, there were fewer examples. Citizen journalists, Bromley said, “come out of a history that includes social activism. Bloggers and tweeters [users of micro-blogging site Twitter] can be citizen journalists but it's not just that independent personal view. It's about investigating, going to primary sources, offering your opinion. Often the blogger is the primary source.”