Journal: 9-11 Truth Movement–Hanging Fire, Still Explosive

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By MAXINE SHEN August 28, 2009

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The 9/11 Official Story Runs Out of Steam?

NY Post's Best
NY Post's Best

by Sander Hicks (pictured in insert by Post at right)

(NEW YORK) You know the world is really coming to an end when the New York Post lets this reporter, a leading 9/11 Truth investigator, be the lead source in their review of the new anti-Truther documentary.  The National Geographic Channel’s “9/11: Science and Conspiracy” debuts tonight, Monday, August 31. It is so pathetic, it should be scored a victory for the truth movement.

“9/11 Science and Conspiracy” is fundamentally-misconceived, half hearted, poorly planned, slapped together, badly written, mis-cas, and self-defeating. It contains four scientific “experiments” pulled off in the New Mexico desert by a bunch of pyrotechnic geeks, the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC).

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Review: The Big Wedding–9/11, the Whistle Blowers, and the Cover-up (Paperback)

5 Star, 9-11 Truth Books & DVDs

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

5.0 out of 5 stars Fifteen Distinct Instances of FACT–a Major Contribution,

April 14, 2006
Sander Hicks
This is one of a number of 9-11 truth movement books that I have reviewed. The bottom line is clear and supported by other books: the U.S. Government had fore-knowledge of 9-11; the FBI and the CIA are a combination of inept and corrupt; and the 9-11 Commission was a deliberate cover-up.

Two of the facts the author cites, while brought out by others, have a special cachet in this particular book:

1) John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial in June 2001; and

2) The 9-11 Fund for victims was managed by a quasi-compromised individual whose task was to get them all (at least 90%) to sign up, because the acceptance of compensation came with a quit claim against the US Government and any further legal action, a compelling indicator, in my mind, of guilt by implication.

Here are a few things that stayed with me from this author's worthy effort:

1) Summary of what we lost on 9-11 from Dr. Hecht: “3000 New Yorkers, half the Constitution, and most of the Republic.”

2) Key people like Dave Frasca at FBI that blocked all efforts to stymie the 9-11 attacks, and Francis Taylor at Department of State, director of security (with Ambassadorial rank) and party to special deals with Pakistan, were never forced to testify in detail.

3) 9-11 Commission deliberately started its review in 1996 to leave out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing where evidence exists that the FBI built the bomb and it was all part of an operation that went bad.

4) Both the 9-11 Commission and other reviews have failed to go back to the BCCI Bank scandal, where the BCCI was a joint Pakistani-CIA bank to channel funds to Afghanistan (and not incidentally, to jihad terrorists in the making)

5) The BCCI was the bank that bought George Bush II's stock in Harkin when he was a failure and needed help.

6) Sixteen (16) reporters and investigators died under mysterious circumstances while investigating the BCCI story.

7) Mueller may have been rewarded with FBI Director post for his role in blocking BCCI investigation.

8) 9-11 may have originally been planned as a nuclear attack under the direction of the Pakistani nuclear genius now allegedly under house arrest, and “downgraded” to the WTC [note: there are numerous allegations that all the gold and other valuables in the WTC were evacuated in advance, and the most important allies of the Administration were not in the building that morning–it was, in other words, expendable, and also valuable as pretext for war (Jim Bamford's term, see my review of that book). NOTE: The author suggests that the Pakistani's not only made the point to the Bush Administration that an attack would be good for the Administration, while relieving some pressures in Pakistan, but also negotiated the down-grade, receiving in turn further assistance toward their nuclear arms race with India. Lest anyone doubt this, please note that Zbigniew Brezinski specifically gave the Pakistanis a nuclear bye in return for help against the Soviet in Afghanistan. Regardless of the party in party, the political leadership in America is clearly willing to sell its soul and sacrifice American lives for what it perceives to be strategic gains for its own selfish elite).

9) Israel and Egypt warned the US in strong terms, as did Germany and Russian, within weeks prior to the actual attacks. The US Government chose not to act on those warnings, perhaps because it wanted the attacks to succeed.

10) Al Qaeda and the Neo-Conservatives actually share some viewpoints and have a symbiotic relationship.

11) The Muslim Brotherhood is close to the CIA, and goes back many decades with the neo-Nazis. as both share an abiding hatred for the Jews and Israel (this suggests that the many stories about US skin-heads supporting Al Qaeda terrorists are plausible).

12) Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff is dirty as sin. He defended terrorist financier Dr. Magby Elamir, is a “dishonest bastard” who went along with Vince Foster suicide cover-up, and was fast-tracked to the top and via the judge's circuit as part of the overall deal between those who sin and those who condone.

13) Governor Jeb Bush PERSONALLY showed up to confiscate flight school records in Florida days after 9-11, and then took action to make them forever irretrievable.

14) Florida is called by some in the know as “Terrorland” where two Floridas co-exist–a normal Florida (that is to say, the walled city/golf courses with water features of the well to do, and the slums of the poor), and a second Florida consisting of CIA training camps, banks approved by the Government to launder drug money for Wall Street, and flight schools and airports for discreet arms-drugs-money transfers–and even Miami International Airport, where world-class assholes can be “pre-cleared” for entry to the US “at the convenience of the U.S. Government.” Indeed, the connection between Florida, drugs, and the U.S. Government is so strong that in one uncoordinated inter-agency assault on an arriving Lear Jet loaded with drugs, DEA senior executive Mike Brasseltine was in the co-pilot's seat. [Ugly side note: Henry Kissinger is on record as supporting Third World eugenics or “depopulation,” there is mounting evidence that the white wealthy elite consider drugs an excellent albeit totally racsist means of “de-colorizing” of America.

15) In passing the author points out that the 9-11 Commissioners, with one exception, did not meet the Congressional mandate that they all be free of any association with the Bush Administration.

The author also does magnificently in discussing “suppressed histories” as a “standard” U.S. Government operating procedure. Lest you think this is fanciful, see my reviews of Fog Facts: Searching for Truth in the Land of Spin and Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & ‘Project Truth'. The FACT is that the U.S. Government and its corporate partners and its international criminal allies is routinely deceiving the American people and mis-serving We the People.

I have reviewed a number of 9-11 books and DVDs, and I stake my personal integrity on the following statement:

We cannot prove conclusively that Dick Cheney, Rudy Gulliani, and Larry Silverstein conspired to not only let 9-11 happen, but use a missile on the Pentagon and controlled demolitions to murder thousands, destroy evidence (of missing 2.3 trillion in Pentagon, SEC investigaions in NYC), and commit multiple counts of insurance fraud. I am however convinced beyond a shadow a doubt that America needs a Truth and Reconcilation Commission, a Public Invetigation, and that all those who were not properly interviewed (most) or interviewed at all (even more) must be brought into the open. I believe this to be the crime of the century, treasonous in every respect, and I do not want Dick Cheney to have the pleasure of dying before we can investigate and if proven, convict and incarcerate.

See also, with reviews:
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In DVD's, “Loose Change” is an absolute must but not offered on Amazon.
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