Berto Jongman: Noosphere & Russia

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

Putin’s New Chief of Staff Claims He Invented the ‘Nooscope’ to Study the Collective Consciousness

An “A. Vaino” is listed as the co-author of an article entitled, “Capitalization of the Future,” published in 2012 by a Russian academic journal, Questions of Economics & Law. The vague title sets up the strange pseudo-scientific text that follows in an almost impenetrable blend of quasi-mystical language and academic jargon, mish-mashing contemporary economic concerns with transcendental philosophy and promises to be able to read the “code of the market” and describe a new way of being, made possible by the authors’ creation — the Nooscope.

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Aug 22

Jean Lievens: Tamara Vision for a Culture without Fear – Dreaming Beyond Capitalism

Jean Lievens

Jean Lievens

Dreaming Beyond Capitalism: A Culture Without Fear

First Nation tribes from North America coined a term to describe the ‘disease of the white man’ – wetiko. In their understanding, wetiko consists of two essential characteristics: chronic inability for empathy and an egoistic fixation on ones own personal benefit and profit. The First Peoples used this word specifically because they could not fathom any other explanation for the behavior of the European colonialists. While often declared as unchangeable psychological features of humanity, greed, selfishness and violent impulses may in fact not be our “human nature” as many claim, but rather the outcome of our alienation under capitalist conditions.

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Jul 31

Worth a Look: Gaia Education

Gaiae Education logoGaia Education


Gaia Education is a leading-edge provider of sustainability education that promotes thriving communities within planetary boundaries.

Fostering Ecological Imagination

Join one of our certified Ecovillage Design Education Face-to-Face programmes in 39 countries in partnership with over 80 institutions

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May 15