#UNRIG: Buy the Polo Shirts (We Don’t Sell Them)


Now offered in women’s sizes. We don’t sell anything, we do get a $7 donation for each item sold. In our humble opinion, these polo shirts are the coolest ethical, legal, non-violent statement any citizen of any country can make. It does not get any better!


#UNRIG LOG (11 AUG 2017) – Revised Schedule


Here is a group of voters who totally get #UNRIG. People are starting to come up to me at rest stops and when I stop for the night, generally at a KOA Camp.

Heading for home base. RV will get a new topper, air springs, and a few other odds and ends that will make it effective for our national tour.  Cynthia is back 1 September, after a National Press Club conference and a fund-raiser we hit the road. I have decided to not go on the  road alone anymore, will focus on skype and zoom sessions with constituents ready to approach their Members during the August recess.

Creating a #UNRIG Hall of Fame, the first two are Morgan from Oregon and Bob from Georgia.

Our media campaign including conference calls and direct outreach to local media starts next week.  We still need to raise another $20K in August and then $40K in September — not asking donors to donate again, but rather to recruit three new donors each.

Cynthia McKinney: The Potential Power of #UNRIG

Aug 7 at 10:04pm
Former six-term Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney Ph.D. explains #UNRIG, her campaign with Robert David Steele aimed at unrigging what candidate Trump correctly called a “rigged” system. She and Robert hope to tour America in an RV, meeting with ordinary folks from across the political spectrum in “power cells”of 7 to 12 people who will continue to push for an honest system in all 435 Congressional Districts.
During the interview we discuss MeetUp’s rejection of #UNRIG on transparently spurious grounds (Cynthia McKinney is Alt-Right?!); the apparent infighting between different factions of the ZioCon war party; the Deep State; and how the current climate of polarization and chaos is actually favorable for novel efforts like #UNRIG