Journal: Ushahidi Rocks in Haiti–New Schematic

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Project 4636 Revisited: The Updated Info Graphic
UPDATE: Since this graphic was published, a few additional clarifications have come to light. Please see Robert’s comment for more details.

Shortly after we posted the original Project 4636 info graphic, a few folks involved in the project got in touch to see if we could clarify the process. There are a lot of moving parts,  many of which are constantly changing, and so the original graphic didn’t quite reflect the exact process as well as it could have. With that in mind, we worked with Josh Nesbit of Frontline SMS Medic and Nicolás di Tada of InSTEDD to make sure the graphic reflected the process as accurately as possible. The biggest update that we made is that InSTEDD’s Nuntium SMS Gateway and the Thomson Reuters Foundation Emergency Information System are now the first entities that receive and process incoming SMS’s.  Everything else is pretty much the same.

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Journal: Haiti Rolling Directory from 12 January 2010

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