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  • Join the world’s largest book club.
  • Catalog your books from Amazon, the Library of Congress and 690 other world libraries. Import from anywhere.
  • Find people with eerily similar tastes.
  • Find new books to read.
  • Free Early Reviewer books from publishers and authors
  • Enter 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life).
  • Available in many languages: (others)

Phi Beta Iota: This is fascinating and has enormous potential from local to global.  It is what Amazon SHOULD have been, a means of harnessing the distributed intelligence of authors, reviewers, and readers.  Phi Beta Iota was created to meet this need for one collection, cataloging Robert Steele's reading across 98 categories.  We are contacting this group to suggest they create Global to Local Citizen Intelligence, Policy, and Budget Councils.

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