US Intelligence a Clipping Agency–A Bad One

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Dr. Stephen Blank, one of America's top experts on Russia and the former satellites of the USSR, likens US Intelligence to a clipping service, a very bad one.  He itemizes the recent failures of US Intelligence and observes that anyone in the audience he was addressing in NYC could have written a better threat estimate than that presented by the Director of National Intelligence recently to Congress.  Includes video of his full answer to the question about US Intelligence.

Army college expert likens US intelligence to ‘clipping agency’

By Asia Society Mar 18, 2011 5:30PM UTC

Phi Beta Iota: Just as there are five CIA's, there are multiple variations on the US Intelligence Community, within which the young analysts (CIA) or retread analysts (DIA) are the least expensive, the least important, and the least relevant.  While CIA and DIA analysis is frightening in its ignorance, what should frighten everyone even more is that the US Government and the US public are willing to put up with $80-90 billion a year of fraud, waste, and abuse, which is what the technical collection and non-processing end of the US Intelligence Community costs.  Vaporware.  FAILURE. For a fraction of that amount–under $3 billion–we could make the USA a Smart Nation. US “intelligence” is the poster child of fraudulent waste, concealed true costs, arrogance, ignorance, and embedded information pathologies. It is not led, it is “managed” by clerks–clerk who drank the kool-aid and will go into retirement without ever being held accountable for their betrayal of the public trust.

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