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John Steiner

Expose Foul Conditions at Factory Farms? Go to Jail!

March 29, 2011

Alliance for Natural Health

Iowa and Florida are considering bills that make it illegal to film or photograph inside factory farms without permission. Are the CAFOs afraid their unhealthy conditions and animal cruelty will be exposed?  Help us put a stop to this madness!

Two weeks ago we reported on the way the FDA is blocking journalistic freedom of speech through the information embargoes they impose. Freedom of speech is taking another hit, this time from state legislatures.  Read more….

* Fight Healthcare Monopolies

* Food and Supplements Are Not Drugs

* Protect Our Children

* Real, Not Phony Food Safety

* Stop Censoring Medical Science

Phi Beta Iota: It appears that some governments now believe that they have a right to legislate the censorship of truth.  Arsenic and antibiotics and other toxins associated with the industrialization of agriculture are a major cause of human illness, deformity, allergies, and other unnatural conditions.  This is all part of the “true cost” paradigm for the redesign of society to emphasize the wellness of humans and the sustainability of the Earth.  Governments so foolish as to deny that the truth at any cost reduces all other costs should be voted out of office or ignored.  Truth is a public power, a public good, and a public right.

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