Two Views of Obama’s Libya Speech

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Chuck Spinney Sounds Off....

Relying on a UN Security Council Resolution, but without asking Congress or the American people, President Obama attacked Libya on 19 Mar 2011. He finally got around to explaining his actions on 28 March 2011 in a nationally televised speech given at the National Defense University. Attached below are two analyses of that speech:

Story 1 by Ed Felien appeared in The Rag Blog on April 5, a spunky left-leaning website based in the hinterlands of Austen Texas.  It is harshly critical of the speech by comparing Obama’s assertions to conditions in Libya and the tensions within Libya that have created a civil war.

Story 2 by Anne Marie Slaughter appeared in the the New York Review of Books blog on 20 March 2011.  The New York Review of Books appeals to a far more high-falutin readership than The Rag Blog, and is a kind of a forum for the panjandrums in what’s left of the American Left.  Dr. Slaughter gushes over Obama’s speech, saying it made an “important contribution to the Libya debate.”  She bases her conclusion (“let us protect the Libya’s civilians by any means necessary”) by analyzing (a word I use charitably) some impenetrable comparisons of interests versus interests to interests versus values, but curiously, she says nothing about actual conditions in Libya, or who is fighting whom, or why they are fighting.

The contrast between information and puffery in these two essays is stunning and says a lot about what’s wrong with the American Left.

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Phi Beta Iota: Dr. Slaughter means well, but has drunk the kool-aid.  No one in Washington appears capable of reconnecting with reality and using clarity, diversity, and integrity to actually understand how far the US Government has diverged from core values of the Republic, and the public interest.  The right/neo-conservatives have cost the US tens of trillions of dollars in fraud, waste, and abuse–Dick Cheney and the Iraq/Afghanistan faux wars on terror being the current classic–but so also has the left/Demopublicans so intent on keeping their own money flowing they have completely lost sight of basic principles of governance.  These are all good people trapped in a bad system–all it takes to fix this is ONE LEADER committed to transparency, the truth, and trust.   Barack Obama is clearly NOT that leader.

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