UN Secretary General and Ambassador Susan Rice Violate Public Intelligence–We Stand with Richard Falk

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Pentagon on 9/11

Willful Ignorance

April 12th, 2011

By Paul Carline


Cards on the table. I’ve been a “truther” since early 2002 when I came across the first major challenge to the official 9/11 story in the shape of the wonderful “Hunt the Boeing” site created by French researcher Thierry Meyssan. Until then I’d accepted the standard “Left” version of the government account – that a group of daring Muslims acting on behalf of the victims of US foreign policy had struck back at the great tyrant. The photographic and other evidence presented by Meyssan demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that whatever it was that had caused the damage to the Pentagon, it certainly wasn’t a large Boeing jet. If the government’s story was a lie on that major point, then the whole story was brought into question. I knew at once that I had to find out as much as I could about the event which everyone was saying had “changed the world”.

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Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian Territories, hit the headlines just recently. He’d committed the cardinal sin of expressing doubts about the official story of 9/11 in a personal blog. The US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, rushed to condemn him and demanded he be sacked. UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, joined in, saying that Falk’s remarks were “an affront to the memory of the more than 3000 people who died in that tragic attack”. Someone needs to remind the Secretary-General of the affront which gullible acceptance and repetition of the official lie of 9/11 causes to the memory of the more than 3 million dead and mutilated Afghan, Iraqi and now Pakistani men, women and children sacrificed on the altar of neo-imperialism as a direct consequence of the phoney ‘war on terror’ – based on the lie of 9/11 and the other false-flag crimes perpetrated for and/or by agencies of western governments.

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Strong Comments and Multiple References Below the Line

Phi Beta Iota: Richard Falk was among those in the 1970's who foresaw the future if Industrial-Era predations were to continue, and he is if anything vastly more intelligent, vastly more informed, and vastly more ethical than either the South Korean now serving as the main actor in the UN drama, or Ambassador Susan Rice.

Dick Cheney scheduled a counter-terrorism exercise months in advance of “the day” for “the day,” so that he could let it happen.  WTC-7 was not hit at all but in collapsing, files for all on-going SEC investigations were destroyed.  Firefighters, media, and fleeing individuals all reported bombs from the bottom up.  Rudi Guliani scooped and dumped the crime scene.  An Air Force Major General in charge of US classified imagery of the Soviet Union said on national television that the HOLE in the Pentagon (prior to the collapse of the facade) was from a missile.  Architects, Engineers, Intelligence and Military Officers, a full range of patriotic intelligent individuals–including 9-11 Families, all question the US Government's account of 9-11.

We ourselves know that nine nations warned the USA prior to 9-11; that the FBI blew off two-walk-ins, one in Newark and one in Orlando; that the electricity was turned off across the complex two weeks prior, and when turned back on all the surfaces were covered with dust and the bomb dogs were not allowed back into the buildings for the two weeks after the installation of controlled demolitions, and before the superficial airline “demonstration” attack that may have been guided by on-board unmanned systems controlled in the final approach from WTC-7 instrumentation.  Military-grade thermite and straight cut steel was found before the government cover-up began.  None of the gold or valuables were ever recovered, and ample evidence exists that they were evacuated in the two weeks prior to the event.  The Pentagon strike wiped out the computers ostensibly containing the forensic evidence  of the missing 2.3 trillion that Donald Rumsfeld was being grilled on by Cynthia McKinney in Congress on 10 September.

We cannot say with certainty that Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Larry Silverstein, and Rudy Gulliani are GUILTY, but we can say with absolute certainty that the 9-11 Commission was at best a clown show, at worst a cover-up, and that there is ample evidence across the board to demand the INDICTMENT of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Larry Silverstein, and Rudy Gulliani for the murder of 3,000 individuals in an Act of State that will assuredly be exposed in detail within the next ten years.

This is not the first time the US Government has committed or covered up atrocities and been found out–see JFK, MLK, and the USS Liberty below–and more recently, the “Inside Job” of complicity with the Goldman Sachs and Federal Reserve looting of the US commonwealth.

We are thoroughly disgusted with the hypocrisy of the US Government and the UN “leadership,” and with the passivity of the American people.  Richard Falk is correct and we are quite pleased to have this opportunity to speak truth to power.  The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.  Rule by Secrecy is OVER.  It's time key people in Washington–and especially our senior women who should know better–reconnect to their integrity, the Constitution, and the public interest.

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