Bin Laden Show 25: Presidential Study Directive 11 of August 2010 and the Package Deal on Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

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Read P. 8; Arab Spring and death UBL are part of a masterplan to get a powersharing accord with the Muslim Brotherhood. All is based on Presidential Study Directive 11 of August 2010.

Phi Beta Iota: August 2010 is also when the “Strategic Narrative” out of the office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (C/JCS) began to circulate.  It is quite clear that this Presidential Directive must now be made public and that Congressional hearings should be held on both the Directive, and the possibility that a) Leon Panetta lied to the President and b) that the President was mis-led and over-ruled by the military-industrial complex with proponency from Hillary Clinton and Bob Gates.  Online PDF Safety Copy of Debka Issue 491.

Debka Online (Subscription Highly Recommended)

Phi Beta Iota: Debka is not questioning the “fact of” Bin Laden's existence, we are.  What Debka does provide is a marvelous context for understanding both why the US Administration blew it on the Arab Spring it neither anticipated nor understood, and why CIA has been given so much lattitude.  The big question–and the Presidential Study Directive  11 of August 2010 will be helpful–is the degree to which the President of the USA has been an unwitting dupe or a full participant in what we believe to the hoax of the century.

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