Bin Laden Show 26: 5 Old CIA Videos “Unveiled” — Probably Planted by CIA for SEALS to “Find”

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U.S. officials unveil videos of bin Laden

By the CNN Wire Staff

May 7, 2011 1:03 p.m. EDT

(CNN) — Intelligence officials on Saturday unveiled five different videos of Osama bin Laden that were confiscated from the deadly raid at his Pakistan compound — part of an information haul considered to be the most significant amount of intelligence ever collected from a senior terrorist.

In one video, bin Laden is wearing what a wool cap with a blanket draped around his shoulders. He is holding a TV clicker and rocking in his chair. Bin Laden, sporting a gray beard, is seen flipping through a selection of satellite channels as he views video footage of himself.

One of the videos is a message to the United States officials believe was recorded in October or November. Officials didn't play the audio because, they said, it would be inappropriate. In that video, bin Laden's beard has been dyed black.

The three other videos are practice sessions for videos he was planning to release to the world.

A senior intelligence official briefing reporters at the Pentagon said last week's raid by U.S. forces yielded a significant amount of intelligence, and a special federal taskforce — including members of the CIA and FBI — is combing through the material.

The officials say the DNA evidence unquestionably shows that the person shot and killed in the Pakistan compound was bin Laden.

Phi Beta Iota: Emphasis added.  This is the truth-teller.  CIA is scrambling to counter-attack the declarations from Pakistan to India to Virginia to California that this is all a hoax.  To better understand their trying to “re-set” the narrative it helps to understand that after 2001 most Bin Laden videos and audios are considered to be fake, manufactured by the CIA.  See  Bin Laden Show XVIII: TheSOTTReport — US Government Psy-Ops – The ‘Killing’ of Bin Laden for a discussion of this point.  We continue to believe that the “intelligence trove” is false, planted by CIA for the SEALs to recover.  We are beginning to believe that the President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense as well as the SEAL chain of command might have lied to by CIA and its captive Director.  Forensics on the ORIGINALS of all the CDs and tapes should reveal country of origin and probably year of origin as well.  The film of Bin Laden using a clicker to watch himself is an American's idea of B Roll during a phoney session–it strikes us as sacreligious and beyond belief if it were the real deal.  We're pretty sure CIA cannot stand that level of scrutiny.  Congressional hearings are required, and someone like Britt Snider should be brought in to walk the cat back.

Walk the cat back – To attempt to understand the true nature of a situation by reconstructing events chronologically from the present to the past. Earliest citation ‘I find it inconceivable that anybody could walk the cat back,' lamented Mr. Petty,” The New York Times article by Robert A. Bennett, February 19, 1984  Source

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