Syria a Satellite of Iran? Nah….

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Edit of 23 Oct 2012.  Thank you, Mitt Romney.  See comment on Iran and the sea at the below link with map and regional RECAP:

Graphic: Map Syria Iran + Syria-Iran-Rergional RECAP

CNN has evidently become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US Department of Defense (which has militarized the wimpish Department of State), much like BBC is a largely-owned subsidiary of the CIA.  Today CNN is “selling,” with a straight face, absolute garbage to the effect that Iran considers Syria a satellite state and is “actively” engaged in advising and supplying the armed crack-down on dissidents. On the fringes there is no doubt slight evidence of Iranian concern, but this massive lie to the public leaves out several facts:

1)  85% or so of Syria is populated by Sunnis who hate Shi'ites and dictators–whether secular or theocratic–more than the hate the USA.

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2)  Assad not only owns the guns, they were made in the USA and he has received strong support from the USA and Israel for decades, while also supporting with rendition and torture the fraudulent USA “war on terror.”

3)  This is a revolution for dignity and liberty, not necessarily for democracy, but most assuredly not in any way associated with nor justifying undermining in relation to the “war on terror. General Clark has told us the military-industrial complex, which is now out of control and unresponsive to White House or Congressional direction, plans to take out seven countries in five years.  The insane, costly, unconstitutional, and criminal plan was actually laid out in a book, Endgame–The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror.  What is being done “in our name” lacks intelligence and integrity and is well over the line toward crimes against humanity that should  be confronted and stopped.  War is not the solution; US troops out of Afghanistan and into Libya and Syria and Iran is not the solution.  It will make matters worse.

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Phi Beta Iota: Turkey, Iran, and Egypt are the center of gravity for a non-violent and mature campaign to stabilize and reconstruct the Middle East.  The US will not be part of the solution as long as it allows the military-industrial complex to jump in, and as long as the Department of State is as inept and uninformed as it is.  The US Government lacks intelligence and integrity.  It is time for the public to act on the wisdom of Norman Cousins:

Government is not built to perceive great truths; only people can perceive great truths.  Governments specialize in small and intermediate truths.  They have to be instructed by their people in great truths.  And the particular truth in which they need instruction today is that new means for meeting the largest problems of the world have to be created.

We reiterate our faith in the importance of the Assisi Inter-Faith Summit, and our coincident concern that the Catholic Church hierarchy is blowing off the importance of intelligence with integrity.  Our views and related context are at: Event: 26 Oct 2011 Assisi Italy Pope, Peace, & Prayer — 5th Inter-Faith Event Since 1986 — Terms of Reference….  The Sunni-Shi-ite schism is matched by the Hindu-Muslim conflict in India.  Secular corruption and a lack of intelligence with integrity among governments and corporations is in our view the “root” problem that the inter-faith summit must acknowledge and address.  A commitment by the faiths to non-violent truth & reoconciliation, with a global focus on transparency for truth and trust as an outcome, is the next “big step” for mankind.

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