Howard Rheingold: 30 Sep to 11 Nov Online & Live Course on Literacy of Cooperation

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Howard Rheingold

Announcing a new Rheingold U course: Toward a New Literacy of Cooperation

For the past ten years, I've worked with Institute for the Future to track the emergence of a new story about how humans get things done together. The old story of survival of the fittest, competition, rational self-interest is changing as new knowledge comes to light about cooperative arrangements and complex interdependencies in cells, ecosystems, economies, and humans. In 2005, I delivered a TED talk about this subject; the video has been viewed more than 182,000 times. In the same year, I co-taught a seminar at Stanford with Andrea Saveri of Institute for the Future, “Toward a Literacy of Cooperation.” This six week Rheingold U course builds on the texts, videos, and other materials developed over the past ten years. Under my direction, co-learners will inquire, collaborate, discuss, co-construct knowledge about the building blocks and conceptual frames of a new literacy of cooperation. The course will run September 30 – November 11

The syllabus
The schedule of live meetings

Co-learners are strongly encouraged to read the texts and view the videos BEFORE the course begins, in order to make room for 3-4 hours OR MORE each week reading and contributing in forums and blogs. Do not underestimate your time commitment! Tuition is $300 for individuals, $400 for employer-reimbursed co-learners. You will need to decide quickly about this one in order to have time to pay and get set up. Indicate interest by emailing and pay $300 to Howard Rheingold via PayPal to — if your name is different from the name on the PayPal account, be sure to tell me in your email. Registration will be limited to 35 learners.

Expect Participative & Collaborative Learning

Please read about how we conduct the class before you decide to join. Active participation is required

You will participate regularly:


* forums,
* blogs
* blog comments
* mindmaps
* social bookmarks
* Twitter

Synchronously in weekly live sessions. The live sessions are multi-modal:

* streaming audio
* video
* slides
* text-chat
* shared whiteboard

Each weekly live session will be repeated twice — once at 9 or 10 AM   Pacific and once at 5 or 6 PM Pacific. Attendance at all live sessions is  encouraged but not required. Participation in asynchronous forums is   required.

In addition to your money, you'll give your active participation — as much as   3-4 hours a week.  More if you want to. But I don't want to take your money if   you can't commit yourself to participating regularly. Our intention is to   become a learning community, and that requires active participation on  everybody's part.

There will be missions

Class size is limited to 35. Those who have already requested to be waitlisted  for this course will have priority. If you plan to attend, please  contact as soon as possible. Send your payment through PayPal to Howard Rheingold

Our mailing address is:
Rheingold U
306 Poplar
Mill Valley, California 94941

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