Winslow Wheeler: Two Myths (Lies) from Leon Panetta

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Winslow Wheeler

Panetta's Frenzied Rhetoric Is Not Stopping the Decay of U.S. Forces

Huffington Post, 14 October 2011

Before Tuesday this week, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta had been sprinkling Washington D.C. with words like “doomsday mechanism,” “catastrophic,” and “shooting ourselves in the head” to describe any cuts in the Pentagon's budget beyond the $450 billion over 10 years (overall a 4 percent reduction) he and President Obama have already committed to. Panetta had set a new standard for overheated rhetoric to defend the Pentagon's budget.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Panetta, like Gates and others before him, is a political toad incable of telling the truth or pursuing the public interest.  He is telling two major lies in all of his speeches: 1) that cutting the defense budget will weaken national security; and 2) that what we pay $1 trillion a year (in borrowed money) for is “the finest fighting force in the world.”  Not so less the infantry, which is 4% of the force, takes 80% of the casualties, and receives 1% of the budget.  In an honest government, Panetta would be impeached–and all his senior generals and senior executive sychopants retired.

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