NIGHTWATCH: Switzerland Prepares for Refugees & Civil Unrest

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Switzerland: In September, Swiss authorities launched a military exercise to test its preparedness to deal with internal civil unrest as well as refugees from the Eurozone crisis, according to international media.

Comment: The Swiss are not prone to overreact to threats. They do not spend defense funds in order to be prepared for potential threats. They prepare for real threats.

The exercise is significant because it means the Swiss have determined that internal civil unrest coupled with refugees from Eurozone countries represent real threats for which their security forces must be prepared. The Swiss understand the meaning and significance of early warning and know about indicators.


Phi Beta Iota:  The European Union and the USA have lost sight of strategic fundamentals.  Armed forces and authority only work when 20% or less of the population is in revolt.  When one approaches 50%, as is now the case in countries like Greece, with 25-30% being the mark in Spain, Portugal, the USA, and a few other countries, the efficacy of armed force vanishes, and the preconditions for revolution are then ripe for a precipitant that will literally abolish the government and execute a fresh start.  The lack of focus on legitimacy and the public interest is the clearest indicator of a forthcoming collapse of any government once unemployment crosses the 25% line.

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