SchwartzReport: Corporate Cabal Taking Over World Food and Water Supplies — Until the Riots — Will Vigilantes Begin Hunting Down and Killing Monsanto Executives?

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I have decided to focus today’s SR on GMOs and the transgenic sector because it represents such a clear example of the geopolitical shift we are living through: the Ascendence of the Non-geographical corporate states.

NGCSs are not just corporations, in a business sense, that we mean when we say, corporatocracy. These transnational entities are so big and so powerful that they are essentially states, literally countries without geography. They have their own foreign policies; their own goals that may have little to do with the policies of the country where they happen to be based. They control the political structure and write the laws that govern them, and judge them. They are the emerging world powers.

This transfer, is not a continuation of the chain of family, to tribe, to village, to duchies and the like, to nations. The NGCS springs from the business world. Its priority is profit. In its most extreme manifestation nothing else really is a factor.

Nowhere is the transfer of national power over to the NGCSs clearer than in what is happening in food and water. Parts of this trend are known, but the overarching strategy the NGCSs are following, and the tactics they are using are rarely seen as the coherent whole they are.

Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont and Syngenta. They are usually described as chemical pesticide companies but, I think, a better way to see them is as a corporate cohort making an aggressive attempt to gain domination over the world’s food and water supplies.

Notice the hallmarks of this trend, they work their way through all of these stories: The power of lobbying bribery; the superiority of the Non-geographical corporate state over the government of nation states; and, the complete disregard for wellness at every level of that term.

If one stands back and looks at these six companies on their own terms, as illustrated by these reports, you will see how astonishingly blatant, and successful, all this is.

So really the question becomes not what are these corporate states doing? They’re doing just what you’d expect a corporation state to do if profit is the only consideration. The question is: why, while we are still able, are we allowing them to get away with running the world in this manner?

I want to start by giving a sense of how pervasive the control of your food by these six companies has already become at the grocery store level.

GMO-free Ingredients Are Tough to Round Up in the U.S.

What is happening in food and water is only now really entering public consciousness. But the reality is this has been a long term strategy going on for at least 16 years. I started writing about the move to take over the world food and water supplies in 1998. Here is a story from 1999. Already you can see the strategy and its tactics.

Monsanto Moves to Control Water Resources & Fish Farming in India and the Third World
VANDANA SHIVA, Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, New Delhi – Organic Consumers Association

One of the big lies of this HGCS strategy is that the changes in the nature of plants and animals — and I include ourselves — caused by the technologies involved with this strategy are under control. It’s simply not true. Here’s one of a growing chain of evidence making this point.

Monsanto Modified Wheat Not Approved by USDA Found in Field
ALAN BJERGA – Bloomberg

Why was Citizens’ United a critical piece of the strategy? Because it permits this. Our government is more corrupt than a South American banana republic in the 50s. The level of corruption in fact is so extraordinary it is business as usual. What always amazes me is how cheaply influence over a Congressperson can be purchased, if you know how to play the game. And this is just a tiny window into the money machine. It ! considers nothing but direct contributions that are on the record

Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off by Monsanto
ANTHONY GUCCIARDI – Nation of Change

I have done so many articles on the health issues of the pesticides that are part of this strategy, and there always seems to be a new one as research proceeds. Here is one of the latest.
Check the SR archives searching on “GMO” or “pesticide” or see my essay: The Great Experiment: Genetically Modified Organisms, Scientific Integrity, and National Wellness.

Pesticide Exposure Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
The Times of India (India)

Phi Beta Iota:  We fully expect that there will not only be food riots in the USA at some point, but that individual Monsanto executives will be hunted down and killed by vigilanto mobs.  The US Government is failing to uphold the Constitution, preserve the Republic, and pursue the public interest on a scale so grand that treason, impeachment, and abolishment are terms easily eligible for reasoned discussion.  It merits comment that Monsanto GMO seeds and pesticides are a form of proliferation so toxic as to warrant international eradication.

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