Gordon Duff: Are the Mormons in Charge of America’s Drug Empire? Is NSA Part of Their Power Base?

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Gordon Duff
Gordon Duff

America’s Drug Empire

Narcotics: Business of Western wars

“Heroin trafficking is the lubrication that keeps the wheels of Western politics moving as intended.”


It was only a week ago that the US government released Eric Harroun, a former soldier who had been fighting with foreign backed al-Qaeda terrorists and the CIA against the Assad government in Syria.

This week, former Army sergeant Joseph Hunter and a group of other veterans, one from Germany’s armed forces, were arrested for much the same thing, offering “security services” for Colombian drug cartels.

Were worldwide press censorship to ease, the public would learn that America’s drone program is used more for maintaining control of drug production and distribution than terrorism. In fact, according to Russian officials, heroin from Afghanistan, all produced and exported under unspoken but very public approval of US officials, killed over one million people last year.

Drug production, when examined using economic modeling, makes oil racketeering and arms trafficking seem primitive in comparison.

No technology is used, fertilizer financed through IMF programs, poppy fields irrigated through USAID programs, heroin processed in German-built labs, shipped on American truck convoys or CIA-leased aircraft, distributed around the world at 10,000% profit.

The CIA has been doing this since the early 1980s and, as every sane person in the world knows, built the drug empire in Afghanistan, the largest in the world.


By “security,” we mean killings, in this case, the group had actually been hired by Americans law enforcement posing as Colombian drug dealers. (usually, such “busts” are intended to rectify marketing “irregularities” through eliminating competition)

Their job was to murder anyone, including drug enforcement officers, public officials and their family members, even the president of the United States, if asked.

There is a problem with all of this, perhaps more than one problem.

Isn’t this exactly what thousands of Americans, members of the military, the intelligence services, thugs working for USAID and NGOs, have been doing all along.

Political power of the drug

America’s government faces a shutdown, this time because powerful banks and insurance companies feel their profits and political power threatened by health care laws that regulate their long despicable practices.

The members of congress paid by the insurance and health care racketeers were, in dozens of cases, put into office by drug money laundered through offshore accounts controlled for them by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

This marriage of power, the narcotics lobby, the pro-war lobby, particularly McCain, Graham and Lieberman, is also the heart of the Israel lobby.

Before the last election, in meetings with the former head of the FBI’s drug task force, I was given documents outlining ties between top Republican Party officials and the Mexican drug cartels, which are currently terrorizing over a dozen American states.


Gangs of killers employed by these cartels, fully supported by the Republican Party, control most of America’s southwest region and are closely partnered with the LDS (Latter Day Saints) religious sect.

They have set up their own “kingdom,” called “Deseret” inside the United States where they have married religious rule with organized crime.

The Kingdom of Deseret still exists, a region covering nearly 18% of the United States, extending from the Mexican border to the snowy peaks of Idaho.

Citizens of Deseret control much of the FBI and CIA, gambling operations in Las Vegas and have enjoyed over a century of partnership with lawless elements in Mexico.

Extremists among the Deseret hierarchy boast of controlling America’s naval vessels operating in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf and of their ability to access nuclear weapons.

This is the group that controls the NSA. The NSA’s $4 billion “fusion center” is being constructed in Utah, an LDS-controlled region, “ground zero” for the Kingdom of Deseret.


As early as the 1840s, the LDS terrorized wagon trains heading across the west, kidnapping women, murdering all others.

Within their own community, they maintained control through “Avenging Angels,” assassins that enforced religious doctrine and hierarchical control, though murder. This system still exists.

It was the model for America’s current privatization model, with mercenary groups answerable to extremist organizations and racketeers, all paid for by American taxpayers, running drugs, delivering poison gas to al-Qaeda and orchestrating terror attacks.

In the late 1800s, the LDS or “Mormons” as they are called, fled to Mexico after an unsuccessful war against the United States. There, they formed alliances with bandits and revolutionaries along the border, groups that have now “morphed” into the drug cartels of today.

Those relationships are alive and well today and extend through the heart of America’s financial centers and controlling America’s lower legislative body, the House of Representatives.

Key members of that organization enjoy huge financial benefits from offshore accounts that were made public during the last election, made public and then forgotten.


This power is used in combination with the Israeli AIPAC lobby to support NSA spying and widespread manipulation of financial markets, particularly using the mass of proprietary data gleaned through spying and given to Israel through the recently publicized Memorandum of Understanding.

Call this a “front row ticket” to controlling all financial transactions, technology and intellectual property of the United States, controlling and peddling around the world through open and legalized “piracy.”


The war in Afghanistan has made the power of the narcotics lobby over America’s military, intelligence and governmental organizations more than obvious.

The narcotics cartels obviously control America’s media.

During the 12 years of American rule, Afghanistan has gone from a nearly drug free nation under the Taliban to a country of addicts and the producer of over 95% of the world’s refined heroin.

Even the United Nations has been warned off, no longer even reporting heroin production in Afghanistan. America talks about its anti-drug efforts though former US envoy, Richard Hollbrooke, openly admitted that narcotics production was key to America’s policy in Afghanistan.

No one has spoken of it since.

Invisible drug empire

Two weeks ago, the US government sentenced an African American soldier, a West Point graduate, to prison for involvement in the heroin trade in Afghanistan. From Navy Times:

“A West Point graduate and former Army captain busted for trafficking heroin from Afghanistan to the U.S. was sentenced Sept. 4 to 10 years in a federal prison. Saleem Akbar Sharif, 36, of Johns Island, S.C., also agreed to surrender $100,000 in drug profits. He pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute heroin.”

There is a problem here.

The US government has never admitted that heroin is produced in Afghanistan. They claim only opium paste is produced.

For a West Point graduate to be arrested for making only $100,000 selling narcotics, the crime should have been laziness and inefficiency.

No document has ever admitted any heroin production in Afghanistan, there are no records, and, in particular, not one photograph of any heroin production facility.

The US has never found one, in its “war on drugs.” Similarly, the US never found WMD’s in Iraq or the dozen or more massive underground bunker complexes Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld cited when advocating an American invasion of Afghanistan.

In a televised interview with Tim Russert, Rumsfeld spoke of facilities that housed thousands, underground monorails, storage of armored vehicles, entire cities underground.

He supplied a graphic, not entirely unlike the cartoon Netanyahu held in his hands while humiliating himself before the UN general assembly in his diatribe about Iran’s nuclear energy program.

But heroin production does exist.

Yet, chemicals used to produce heroin are shipped into Afghanistan at US government expense labeled “dry cleaning supplies.”

The same containers leave through the Pakistani port of Karachi, laden with processed heroin, or so top security officials in Pakistan have told me.

These containers, unnumbered and unregistered, move under the full authority of the United States government.

If you check the Internet, looking for news of anti-drug operations or photographs posted on social network sites, you will never see opium transported, never see heroin processing facilities, never see a container loaded or a plane packed with heroin flown out to NATO headquarters in Brussels to be unloaded.

In a dozen years, there has been no evidence published, none sought and much suppressed.

This is the power of the private and not so private armies that protect and defend the world’s narcotics traffickers, a group which includes political leaders, the US, Canada, Britain, France, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, certainly Afghanistan but more, so many more.

Heroin trafficking is the lubrication that keeps the wheels of Western politics moving as intended.

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Phi Beta Iota:  We expect John Brennan to be indicted, if not for treason then for crimes against humanity.  His days of terrorizing CIA case officers with polygraphs every 30 days, desperate to conceal the facts on Benghazi and all that Benghazi stood for, are coming to an  end.  He should take Hillary Clinton down with him, as well as Leon Panetta.  The above report from Gordon Duff, a man whose experience and judgment we respect (diversity of view is the most priceless foundation for collective intelligence in the public interest) is overly simplistic but a good starting point.  Most of the opium is actually converted into #4 heroin in Pakistan, under the direct oversight of Musharref.  The Mormons certainly appear to have become central, but the Bush and Clinton crime families cannot be discounted, they make organized crime in the traditional sense look like a righteous neighborhood social club. The US-UK axis within NATO, its relationship to Turkey, and the use of drugs as a weapon also merits examination.  In the larger scheme of Empire, blind unjustified borrowing in our name, and drugs have provided liquidity, and the people of color in the USA have been the “expendibles” whose blood, treasure, and spirit were consumed in the early decades.  Drugs are fuel, but the engine of corruption in the USA is a corrupt Congress that has legalized every crime against humanity imaginable, from Wall Street financial terrorism via derivatives and other outright criminal schemes, to Lockheed Martin and others who steal from the public with a 5% fee paid to Congress, to the US medical and pharmaceutical industry to the prison industry, to the school industry, etectera.  The USA has lost its integrity across the board.  ONE WORD:  Integrity.  Time to reconnect to that one word.  We solicit donations to keep this web site going.  Use the donate button, contribute what you can, monthy donations of $5 are especially solicited.  Earth Intelligence Network (EIN) is a 501c3 accredited by the IRS, with an annual income of roughly $3,000 at this time.  Anything you can do to punch that up will be helpful to our continuing service in the public interest.  All donations receive a receipt, and open a dialog.  We welcome citizen nominations of stories and new contributing editors.

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