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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Book: The Social Media Wars: Sunni and Shi’a Identity Conflicts in the Age of Web 2.0 and the Arab Spring

Calamity Calling (Video on Climate Change)

Cost of US Nuclear Program $35B/Year

Facebook reveals human migration:  London, Lagos and Istanbul are among the top places to relocate

Metaphone — Why NSA does not need to access individual data

MI6 may have murdered Soviet agents in London in the 1970′s, according to former KGB spy Stanislav Lekaren

NATO Missile Defense & First Strike Capability

NSA: >40 Countries in Relations

Phi Beta Iota: One can only speculate about how much taxpayer money was assigned to each of these over 40 countries — this is a question that Congress should be asking, and it is a question that the elected officials in each of these countries should be asking. NSA appears to have been paying for services that were not declared to the respective host country governments and also were in all likelihood a violation of host country laws.

NSA: Information Overload

NSA: The Panopticon Paradox – When an enemy can be anywhere, the state looks everywhere. So how can it infringe on privacy nowhere?

PBS Covers Singularity

Walter Pincus Without a Clue: Front-Page Rule

Phi Beta Iota: The Front Page Rule was briefed to CIA Career Trainee classes in the 1970’s and 1980’s and has been an ethics standard since at least the Carter Administration. The other really cool rule, the single best rule of engagement we have ever heard, is this: “use this weapon as a last resort — when you think the alternative of going to jail for life is a good one.”

William Pfaff on US Arrogance

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