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Who? Who?

Article (link only) is pretty good, but see the even better acid reply (in full below the fold) from a reader.

What Would Happen If Martial Law Was Declared In America?

Fri, 04/03/2015 – 06:40 | 5955044 SWRichmond

I am really getting sick of these scare-tactic “resistance is futile” articles.  They seem to be growing exponentially.

Dear Michael Snyder,

Have you been alive for the past decade or so of invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan?  Did you live through the Vietnam War?  All of these scary fucking articles we are being treated to about martial law in the US are nothing more than a .gov psyop, to frighten us into compliance.  Troops on the streets?  The MIC HAD TROOPS ON THE STREETS IN BAGHDAD; HOW’D THAT WORK OUT FOR THEM?  The MIC had troops on the streets in Saigon.  How’d they do?

You can go cower in your closet if that is your inclination.  But an examination of reality might argue for a different reaction.  Yes “they” can kill us all, but then there’d be no one for them to rule and rob, would there?  They rely on our voluntary compliance.  They’re already having so much trouble recruiting that they’re hiring foreigners to be cops, and the military has been recruiting foreigners for years.

The simple facts are these:

  1. “They” barely control anything.  An examination of economic conditions and world events shows this pretty clearly.
  2. The NYPD shooting incident showed us just how fast the cops will fold.  They are very very brave when they are in massed formations and outnumber unarmed civilians by ten to one.  But their top priority is always to go home at the end of the shift.  Some of them might have become cops to actually help people, but most of them appear to have signed up for the wrong reason, and bullies are, at heart, pussies.
  3. If / When the shit hits the fan here there will be mighty initial declarations, and an initial show of force.  Its purpose will be to cow the masses into fearful compliance.  Holes in the media narrative will begin to show almost immediately, and the whole thing will quickly degenerate into the shitshow that everything the government rouches always turns into.  535 Senators and Congresspeople can’t, as a group, tie their fucking shoes.  And neither can the generals, who are all so completely focused on their careers and political infighting that they haven’t a prayer.
  4. “They” are not awesome.  They are scared shitless.

Grow a pair, for Christs’ sake.

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My neighbor told me he will be drilling in some disaster drill for the Michigan National Guard this summer on July 15. I would bet that this part of Jade Helm. He is an operations officer and he said one thing was very curious. They were told to be prepared to work with foreign troops from several countries. He also said that an UN observer will be assigned to each unit.”

Phi Beta Iota: There are multiple levels of bureaucracy (good people trapped in bad systems) and multiple levels of evil (bad people leveraging a bad system for their own ends) in the USA. Evil is not black and white, it is nuanced, and it includes good people doing nothing while bad people take advantage. We believe the US Army when they claim JADE HELM is just an exercise. It is getting too expensive — politically as well as financially — and just a tad dangeous — to ride roughshod over foreign publics with our military exercises such as we have carried out in huge scale in Korea and Germany and Norway, and lesser scale everywhere else. However we also believe that there are elements of the US Government stupid enough and corrupt enough to think they can “control” the US public once the true nature of evil is clear to a majority. Kent State in the 1970 was the end of the Viet-Nam war — it was the end of public tolerance of a government grown distant from the public interest and disrespectful of the public conscience. We also believe the American public, and America  the Beautiful as a core nature of the Republic, are real and good — the first just happens to be terribly apathetic and often ignorant, spoiled by decades of good living whose memories are now an obstructive delusion — and the second an illusion all four levels of analysis — strategic corruption, operational stupidity, tactical ineptitude, and technical hollowness. We find it very intersting to note that the recent “lessons learned” from the martial law imposed in Boston include concern over poor weapons discipline among the massed militarized law enforcement personnel. Newsflash: the massed new US military personnel lack weapons discipline also — the US Army has become a mob of new impoverished youth, many seriously pissed off, some of whom are just aching to do their own Kent State. The varied elements of the US Government and the US Army that entertain the deployment of troops on US soil do not understand this.  They also do not understand that such troops tends to be poorly-educated, of a hunter mentality, and even if issued blanks as called for by the exercise, will inevitably have “bootleg” live ammunition handy. JADE HELM — particularly if it includes foreign participants — is an opportunity for good and evil to test each other. We support the continuation of the exercise. We anticipate a major “correction” in favor of the public interest. God Bless America.

PS JADE HELM will offer multiple opportunities for target practice against low-level drones.

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