Joe Lauria: Why Muslims Hate the West…Understanding Legitimate Grievances that Explain Terrorism as a Tactic

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Joe Lauria
Joe Lauria

Why We’re Never Told Why We’re Attacked

Joe Lauria,, 9 April 2016

It seems to be an effort to cover up a long and ever more intense history of Western military and political intervention in the Middle East and the violent reactions it provokes, reactions that put innocent Western lives at risk. Indirect Western culpability in these terrorist acts is routinely suppressed, let alone evidence of direct Western involvement with terrorism.

Phi Beta Iota: Identifying and understanding legitimate grievances comprise the first step toward achieving sustainable resolution. Western leaders and western media are not stupid, they are simply corrupt beyond comprehension, and they enjoy a public that has been dumbed down intellectually, numbed morally, and generally “revved up” with theatrical notions of patriotism and false narratives that are fed by false-flag attacks and paid actors and a massive range of lies.

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