Owl: Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 Emails Being Released 1 November — Proves Treason by Hillary Clinton, Complicity by Obama, Lynch, & Comey UPDATE 1

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Who? Who?
Who? Who?

Clinton Campaign About to Be Splattered Into a Million Pieces

by Release of 33,000 Illicitly Destroyed Emails Showing Influence Peddling Quid Pro Quos and Other High Crimes as Well as Racism, Committing Felonies on Camera

Anonymous sources on 4chan are saying that Wikileaks has Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails, and what’s in them will mean the end of her candidacy and maybe obliterate the Democratic Party. According to link above, the planned release of the material is November 1st, in 4 or 5 sets. Teasers: Money funneled to ISIS, Obama rattling the war drums against Russia to distract from what’s in the leaks, Hillary on racist rants against black subordinates, bribes to media and election officials. Break out the popcorn when it arrives!


Anonymous: Video of Bill Clinton Raping 13 Year Old Could Surface — Jeffrey Epstein a Mossad Agent, Lolita Island Was a Pedophile Entrapment Site

Copy of teaser emails, comment, and more links below the fold.

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Phi Beta Iota: For all of his flaws, Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton and that trumps. We need to burn our corrupt termite-ridden house to the ground and start over, with a popular movement for electoral reform, a debt jubilee, an end of federal taxation of anything (states should fund the federal government by allotment), and ideally an end to all parties which are as corrupt as labor unions and religions have become. We must disintermediate and achieve direct “extreme democracy.”

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Debt Renunciation as a Presidential Campaign Trump Card

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Mongoose: Hillary Clinton Electoral Fraud Confirmed by Stanford University — Bernie Sanders Won…

Robert Steele: Has Trump Accepted A $20B Bribe From Lynn Rothschild To Throw The Election? Or Is He Just A Big Ego With No Vision & A Rotten Staff? UPDATE 11

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: The Director of National Intelligence — one of the most brilliant ethical officers I know — was badly served when his arm was twisted and he felt he had to agree to a White House press release full of factual errors. The Russians have not been hacking the DNC and the Russians have not been hacking US electronic election machines — this is all “made in the USA.” The Democrats and their Wall Street masters are terrified right now because China-Russia are about to destroy all Western banks rooted in derivatives fraud and the laundering of drug cash, their primary source of liquidity or “real” money. The truth at any cost lowers all other costs, the sad truth about US intelligence today is that it lacks both intelligence and integrity….and that does not matter because the US Government (USG) does not make ethical evidence-based decisions, but rather the USG sells US blood, spirit, and treasure to the highest bidder, sometime that high bidder being a foreign country such as Saudi Arabia. The real reason Hillary Clinton had a private server was to hide the quid pro quo emails that are a prosecutor's dream. James Comey knows this, James Comey probably goes some of the emails from NSA (it was a disgruntled NSA employee that hacked the DNC, not the Russians), and James Comey is the person who has most betrayed the public trust in this matter. I remain a huge fan of Truth & Reconciliation. Donald Trump was an impetuous idiot to threaten Hillary Clinton with jail time if he became President — what he should be doing is calling on Barack Obama to pardon all concerned — including Lynch and Comey, and promising in turn to pardon Barack Obama for prostituting his office as he has (and as the Bushes and Clintons did before him). Let us start a new era of evidence-based ethical governance. That is within reach is Hillary Clinton is discredited by these emails, but it does no good to threaten rats with jail time — both the Wall Street bankers and Hillary and Bill and Chelsea (a mini-version of her toxic half-mother) need to be given an exit strategy, a soft landing, or they will wreak havoc on the way to their jail cells. My focus is not on the election of any particular candidate, but rather on electoral reform — at this time the best prospect for electoral reform and change appears to be Donald Trump reconciled with Paul Ryan and John McCain. The release of the 33,000 emails should permit a graceful pivot — if Trump also embraces the idea of a Debt Renunciation Pledge signed by 50 million citizens and threatening over one trillion in debt instruments, and if someone like Jesse Venture can be put in charge of the FBI and the FBI directed to go all out against financial, ideological, and religious traitors, a non-violent revolution and the resurrection of the American dream can be achieved in the near term.

Charles Ortel: Is Clinton Foundation a $100 Billion Charity Fraud — Zero Financial Statements, Millions of Cases of Wire Fraud and Solicitation Fraud?

Robert Steele: DHS and DNI Statement on Russia and Electronic Electoral Machine Hacking Has Errors of Fact — Did White House Write This to Help Hillary Clinton?

Wayne Madsen: Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Was Front End for a Private Foreign Policy/Intelligence Operation

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

Billy Bush provided the decade-old illicit audio of Donald Trump to the Bush Crime Family, and they provided it to the Clinton Crime Family. There will be more such revelations as the financial-political thieves in high places make their final push to destroy the one serious challenger to the reptilian cabal led by the Rothschilds and controlling both the banks and the two-party “establishment” that puts the US Government in the service of legalized criminal enterprises — what Matt Taibbi has so ably labeled “Griftopia.”

America has lost its soul and the American public — most of us solidly in the basket of deplorables — unredeemable deplorables — has lost everything to “takers” who converted the Republic into a cash cow whose sole “product” is debt. Michael Hudson, one of the few honest economists in America, is cited in relation to the unsustainability of this debt burden on the average American and the average small business.

Donald Trump has some very big personal issues — and there are those that believe he is throwing the race and may even have been bribed by Lynn Rothschild to take the dive. He is, never-the-less, trash-talking tough guy that he is, the one person standing between We the People and four more years of legalized high crimes — treason — as well as the further diminition of the Supreme Court into a servant of the US Chamber of Commerce, itself a sponsor of Open Borders and Free Trade at any cost to the US worker.

With less than a month to go, there are five specific things Donald Trump can do to begin the hard work of restoring democracy to the USA.

The biggest idea is a Debt Renunciation Pledge that empowers him, as President, to re-negotiate student, medical, and all other forms of largely illicit debt, and if necessary to declare a Debt Jubillee — a Biblically-sound concept — while providing an official Presidential Pardon to every individual American debtor whom he can rescue from debt with this device.

Four other ideas — including an Electoral Reform Act that is partially implemented now, in time to stop Hillary Clinton from stealing the presidential election and stealing Congressional elections as she stole many primaries from Bernie Sanders (these thefts have been fully documented by Stanford University and are of course not being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation) — could help achieve an ethical, legal, non-violent revolution in America, Of, By, and For We the People, we basket of “unredeemable deplorables.”

This is not a call to arms. This is a call to action — thoughtful, deliberative action by each person who wishes to restore the Constitution and the Republic in keeping with the intent of our Founding Fathers — Of, By, and For We the People, not Of, By, and For Banks and Cabals and Political Crime Families.

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The author was one of three accepted candidates for the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2012, and went on to become the foremost aggregator of the good ideas of others with respect to Electoral Reform, which requires twelve distinct “fixes” and is by no means achieved while a two-party tyranny can disenfranchise 70% of the voting public from meaningful participation as a candidate or as a voter. Subscribe free and explore public intelligence in the public interest at http://phibetaiota.net.

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