WAR: Massive Build Up at Diego Garcia Aimed at Russia & Syria? – Not Declared by Congress — the Last Gasp of a Mad Criminal Presidency? The Clinton Foundation’s Final “Pay to Play” Deliverable to Saudi Arabia and Israel?

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Part I: US gearing up for false flag attack blamed on Russia that enables a massive attack on Syria that can pivot against Russia. This is outright criminal insanity.  “Something Big Is Underway On All Fronts

Part II: An eye witness report on the massive build up of bombers, submarines, and warships at Diego Garcia, below the fold. More outright criminal insanity.

One of the comments quotes  https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/2356

“UPDATE 11:05  PM EDT  30 OCTOBER 2016

It appears the United States is going to engage in battle in Syria.  SuperStation95 just received this communication from a trusted source:

“I just landed back in the US from Diego Garcia. War is brewing. The island has more aircraft and refueling tankers than I have seen since 2005.

Docks were full and 30 ships were moored off shore. This is a huge buildup.

B1s and B2s and b52s in abundance. Never seen them all at one place. It seems stupid to bunch them up at one facility.

Our layover was only supposed to be for 4 hours but the flight crews were so backed up we stayed overnight. The hotel was full and we bunked in a tent. We have never had to do that before.

AF security is everywhere and they were assey. (Acting like strict, suspicious assholes)

Just a heads up, keep your eyes open. I know that I am not giving away in classified information, the Russians have a satellite dedicated to watching this island.

Also, the navy had 2 subs at the docks at once. I have never seen more than 1 there.

B52s have new paint jobs — all flat black. Whats up with that?

On top of all this, huge numbers of in-flight refueling tankers are also on the island.  More than enough to supply air operations to/from the Middle East, non-stop.

This is a very bad development.  The US would never stage this much hardware at Diego Garcia unless they were planning a full-out, prolonged, military action.  

Based upon my military experience as a contractor who has visited Diego Garcia every 6 months for 11 years, we are going to war.”

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Phi Beta Iota: Our flag and senior executive officers are the only defense We the People have against treason at the political level. Sadly, they confuse loyalty and “policy neutrality” with integrity — they are not the same thing. We all swear an oath to defend and support the US Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign, and every single flag and senior executive officer now serving is in active violation of that oath. NOTE: There is a remote chance this is a well-crafted Russian propaganda ploy but on balance we give this a 70% or better credibility rating.

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: I continue to be delighted with the various contributing authors, many anonymous but known to me as consummate professionals. The US Government is no longer operating according to the US Constitution. Since the assassination of JFK by a cabal led by LBJ who then managed the Warren Commission cover-up, every US president has been a puppet and even if Donald Trump wins, absent a much deeper bench and a much more open mind than he has now, he will be quickly brought to heel — the $5B or more — as much as $20B from Lynn Rothschild to the Trump family will assure Donald Trump's willing submission to the Rothschilds and their close in 1% representatives. Rumor has it that the real reason Barack Obama is staying in DC after leaving office is to a) represent the Rothschilds in the financial chaos that China and Russia are about to unleash on the USA (another reason for an idiot war) and b) perhaps having been promised a Supreme Court appointment if Hillary Clinton were to steal the election using every means available to the cabal and its political servants. Donald Trump is within a hair of making a non-violent revolution and yet strangely seems bent on avoiding the three obvious winning moves: a coalition cabinet announced in advance; a commitment to an Electoral Reform Act; and a commitment to making individual and small business debt go away — debt imposed by illicit means. The Debt Renunciation Pledge and a re-negotiation of the debt by a President so empowered, capped by a Debt Jubilee and a presidential pardon for every individual and small business debtor, is a coup d'main. Has Donald Trump been offered an irresistible bribe to take the dive and validate the election of Hillary Clinton, a known criminal lacking all character who is easily indictable and convictable for Clinton Foundation wire and solicitation fraud as well as outright treason in selling Libya, Syria, and Yemen to the French and Saudis, as well as US uranium to the Russians? I take no partisan position on this election, and simply observe, as I have for over five years, that until we restore integrity to the US electoral process and until that in turn makes possible evidence-based transpartisan governance in the public interest instead of what we have now — virtual fascism in which the political arm of the US Government makes decisions of, by, and for the 1% led by the Rothschilds and their Wall Street servants, treason at the political level will be the norm, not the exception. Our flag officers and our senior executive officers need to reconnect to their oaths of office, as our anonymous editor above observes. The truth at any cost lowers all other costs — everything about how we are governed today — up  to an including the current commitment to war on Russia and regime change in Syria — is based on lies.

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