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Frank Bacon (P) writes:

Pedophilia, as horrific as it might be, may actually be the least of the great crimes that are being ignored by the US Government and other governments precisely because all these governments are servants to the elite rather than representatives of the public interest.

WEIRD SHIT does not do justice to this larger threat to humanity. War — and the displacement of humans who are then easily subject to herding, mind control, and other bestial tortures, is an underlying facilitating condition for the occult, satanic, pedophilic, and “recreational murder” practices of the elite and their immediate servant class. The Deep State and the military-industrial complex are specifically in the service of the elite on this point, and CIA is the “center of gravity” (that is to say, that small portion of CIA that uses its ability to leverage military bases world-wide and to do rendition and torture and offshore money laundering and drug and gun and child running as it is directed to do so).

The entire US agricultural – educational – pharmaceutical complex appears structured to poison and dumb down the public while increasing — by massive amounts — the percentage of the public that is mentally ill, obese, and subject to repression. It is almost as if there were a deliberate  campaign to destroy society's inherent auto-immune capacity. [Phi Beta Iota: The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are criminal enterprises among whose greatest crimes have been the legitimization of sugar overdosing and vaccines that cause autism.]

If and when the pedophilia network that spans the entire USA, with particular strength within Wall Street, the Capitol, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood, is exposed, this will lead to a mass public rejection and a carthartic breakdown in society.  The protests against Trump are partly funded and organized, but actually represent the beginning of a massive “cognitive dissonance” breakdown that will get much worse.

If Trump allows himself to be consumed by what others have called “the Swamp People,” then Trump's white working class base, the Sandernistas, the blacks that Malcolm X and Cynthia McKinney have lambasted for being “chumps,” and veterans as well as the self-styled militia, will come together in interesting — not necessarily structured — ways.

THE ECONOMY is structured to enrich and protect the 1% at the same time that it fragments and “breaks down” the 99%. The individual debt burden — educational debt, health debt, housing debt, small business debt — is a form of modern enslavement and a form of modern psychological subversion of the individual's free will.

One reason I continue to monitor Phi Beta Iota is because it is the only place that is consistently focused on the truth in public service. It is a litmus  test for Donald Trump — as it was for Bernie Sanders who failed the test — that the three big ideas Robert Steele has put forward are  still hanging fire: electoral reform act, debt renunciation, and the elimination of all taxes in favor of the fractional Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax.

If Trump continues to appoint Swamp People and pursue policies favoring war and Israel, against all his promises to focus on America first, then we will know that he has been sodomized and suborned into service to the Satantic circles that treat war as both a profit center and a means of eliminating “useless eaters;” that control governments to legalize great crimes while criminalizing private individual behavior to formally enslave more people (generally blacks); that “harvest” the hard-earned income of the working class to concentrate wealth for the banking class; and that enjoy  the right to do as they wish with small children as a passing pleasure — their “privilege.”

Ted Gunderson, David Icke, Fletcher Prouty, Kate Griggs (and of course Peter Dale Scott and Mike Lofgren) — they are the tip of the iceberg. Imagine the full force of all possible federal investigation, investigative journalism, and academic research, directed against the 1% and absolutely committed to the Phi Beta Iota motto, “the truth at any cost lowers all other costs.” The email leaks have just begin. The Republican National Committee (RNC) — and Reince Priebus — may be the next to be destroyed by their own words.

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: I give my contributing editors enormous latitude. As a former spy and as a child growing up in Viet-Nam during the worst of the years, I have seen some terrible things but I have never been personally associated with people I have known to be pedophiles or satanists. The above strikes me as very credible. The emails that have been leaked are the beginning of a flood of leaked emails that will — in combination with citizen intelligence analysis — literally “explode” the existing hierarchical power structure. There is a virtual “civil war” going on in the USA, and it is going to get more interesting in a largely non-violent manner going forward.

There are conflicting accounts about the extent of organized pedophilia. What strikes me, looking over varied references, is the number of children gone missing and imported refugees gone missing (not to be confused with illegal aliens, many of whom end up as agricultural slaves in Florida and elsewhere). The FBI is not doing its job, plain and simply.

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