Joachim Hagopian: Proposed Book on Pedophilia UPDATE 1 Revised Table of Contents

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Joachim Hagopian

The below book is in advanced stage of data processing and will be released one chapter at a time as a Kindle Short and Global Research article, and then as a book in both Kindle and CreateSpace form. It is being sponsored by an international tribunal of which Robert Steele is a Commissioner and the US Envoy.

Global Elite’s Pedophile Empire Exposed



Section One: Introduction to Pedophilia

Chapter 1: Pedophilia: The Mental Illness, the Sex Crime and Elite’s Political/UN Lobby to Normalize /Legalize

Chapter 2: Pedophilia Bloodlust for Children: Antiquity to Today

Chapter 3: History of Pedophilia Scandals since the 1980’s to Present

Section 2: Pedo Foxes Guarding the Henhouse: The Child Kidnapping Network

Chapter 4: Today’s Fertile Ground of War Zones for Child, Organ and Arms Trafficking

Chapter 5: The Broken Child Welfare System: CPS, Group Homes, Runaways, Missing Children’s Network and the Courts

Section 3: The Satanic Sacrifice of Innocents and the Global Child Sex Trafficking Network

Chapter 6: Government MK Ultra/Monarch Program: Trauma-Induced Mind Control and Sexual Abuse for Super Soldier Assassins, Spies and Sex Slaves

Chapter 7: Satanic Bloodlust as ‘Fountain of Youth’ Feeding Off Children; Blood Marrow, Organ Harvesting and the Lifeblood Gold – Adrenalchrome

Chapter 8: PedoGate and Trump’s Anti-pedophilia/Anti-trafficking Policy

Section 4: Pedophilia, NASA Space Program and Extraterrestrials

Chapter 9: Government Kidnapping for Secret Space Program Missions and Space Colonization


Illuminati Dumbing Down and Depopulation Agenda, Global Populist Movement Resistance and Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to Bring Down Crime Cabal


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