Mongoose: Gentile Genocide by Zionists — A Long-Running Deep State Atrocity – Holocaust VIII

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From an alert reader, not a US citizen, with many linked references. Worthy of study.

Alert Reader Says:

I always start with “Jewish humanist whistle blowers of professors degree…” and I vary that start sentence with combinations such as
“Jewish humanists whistle blowers of professors degree, former rabbis – now humanists, as well as humanist rabbis ‘warn about’ /’blow the whistle on´’ ‘the mind blowing criminality of Judaism’/ ‘that Judaism incites to crimes against humanity/’the insane criminality of Judaism” ”

This is to inform the reader that I am a humanist, a non-racist, a “Jew-worshipper like everybody else” and that the info comes from “Jews” themselves and no “hate site” and therefore legit, and that there is no risk that this is going to cause a pogrom because I am praising(humanist) Jews and I am only reporting complaints from so called Jews about Judaism.
Pointing out that the info is from insiders of high education and insight gives credibility

Then the divide and conquer part where the “bad guy” is identified who has also persecuted our guy -the “good guy” – that Jewish humanists (our hero) have been demonized and dismissed as liars by Organized Jewry (the criminal) who have stated that there is NOTHING negative about Non-Jews within Judaism, but now we have video evidence of rabbis, who believe that the Messaiha is near and that Non-Jews don’t stand a chance, and therfore loosing precaution, teaching the same things as the demonized Jewish humanists whistle blowers have warned about.

Immediately after the above follows the video “from horses mouth”, where the revered rabbi David Bar Chaim instructs Jews how to lie (to the police) when the Non-Jew is left to drow, if only the Jew van get away with it. This one is pure chock therapy, after this anything can be accepted, even flying pigs, but we use it for the truth – reversing Jew brain wash.
Same technique used in Holocaust TM education – first the chock and then presentation of the official narrative, same technique for selling “911 attack by Moslems”

Now follows injection of the truth antidote against years of brainwashing form Jew owned media. This is the story telling part, the presentation of our narrative:
1- Stating the number of times (in hundreds) that we’ve asked/begged Organized Jewry to whistle blow Judaism since 2013
because Judaism puts Non-Jews at risk from the pious Torah observing Jews ( adding demonization of Organized Jewry with this )

2-Then the part which establishes that they refuse to whistle blow but are insted very eager to talk about their innocence and “antisemitism” as racism though they are a multi – ethnic group ( breaking the spell – “antisemitism is equal to racism”)

3- Then follows a list of the criminal offenses that are applicable to this behavior. (Breaking the spellof that “Jews are always innocent”, attaching the shadow of criminality to Organized Jewry )

4- Then follows the pointing out of the incredible audacity it is to talk about “antisemitism” as racism while refusing to whistle blow that the Jew is forbidden to save the Gentile, allowed to lie, according to some rabbis allowed to steal, that murder of a Non-jew is not murder but they have ALWAYS claimed 100% innocence due to Gentile racism ONLY. (This the part where the reader is invited to take a step back and appreciate the depth and the magnitude of the deception, their audacity, their criminality, their media power )

5-Then follows a speculation what the roots are for this audacity and I explain that according to Judaism Non-Jews are animals in human shape thus a different species, and as we don’t tell the truth to the cattle when we slaughter their calvess because they are a different secies, int he same way Organized Jewry doesn’t feel it is necessary speak the truth to a Non-Jew. (Establishing that Judaism is supremacism and that the Non-Jews are seen as cattle. Inflaming the Non-Jew to activism)

6- Then follows a listing of Israeli soldiers killing Non-Jewish Palestinian children with impunity and industrial institutional cover-up.
(Here the reader is creating ties to the Palestinians as Non-Jews and he understand that they are killed as Non-Jews like him self)

7- Then follows a list of their historical crimes.

Here are some references, links, and comments for your readers to consider.

i. that Jewish humanists whistle blowers suppressed and demonized by Organized Jewry are blowing the whistle on the insane criminality of Judaism:

-Professor Israel Shahak

Internet Archive BookReader Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years

-Former Israeli rabbi Yaron Yadan

The treatment of the secular as a criminal Jew; one who has announced his rejection of G-d or the Divine Revelation to man is an apostate and heretic whom one is …

-Documentary filmmaker Menachem Daum,5081,5140#msg-514

<HTML>Shalom, I am looking for materials and mekoros on the topic of Jews volunteering and helping in non-Jewish charities or disasters. I have materials on Jews …*/,5081,5140#msg-514 -University scholar Leon Silberstein

TalkReason provides a forum for the publication of papers with well-thought out arguments against creationism, intelligent design, and religious apologetics.

-Author Israel Shamir
See also the late chief sephardic rabbi of the rabbi Ovadia Yosef – “the greatest authority of the Halacha”, “the greatest of his generation”. who was given a statesmans funeral
in Israel where the president and the whole government and near a half a million people mourned him
See also Dr. David Duke regarding rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the very popular Rabbi Ginzburg

-Israeli human rights activist and journalist
Yossi Gurwitz . See “When Israel is mighty”

-Former Chabad rabbi Shmarya Rosenberg

-Harvard Professor Noah Feldman

ii. that Organized Jewry have always denied the criminality of Judaism, have lied about Judaism and presented it to the world as a humanist religion. Organized Jewry have also intensively denounced the whistle blowers as liars and/or crazies.

iii. that the Rabbis who think that the arrival of the Moshiach is imminent have just recently stopped taking precautions against Gentile viewers which has resulted in that we have now on video evidence- everything confirmed regarding what the denounced Jewish humanists have warned humanity about.

iv. that Organized Jewry has refused to whistle blow and is sitll refusing to whistle blow Judaism though we’ve presented them with video evidence and we’ve asked them hundreds of times to whistle bow its criminality from the time when we had no video evidence and now though we have video evidence they still refuse to whistle blow.
The video evidence

v. that the religion of Rabbinic Judaism is a criminal religion and the crimes against humanity that organized Jewry is guilty of are the following named crimes:

a. Rabbis teaching authentic Judaism that it is forbidden to save the Non-Jew from death if the Jew can get away with it, and also giving instructions on how to lie to the police
is criminal offense aaaa (name of the particular  crime in US courts).

b. Organzied Jewry refusing to inform the public about the members who follow the strict interpretation are forbidden to lift the slightest finger for the saving of the Non-Jew, such as              throwing the safety ring, calling 911, etc. if the Jew can get away with it is criminal offense bbbb   (name of the particular  crime in US courts).

c. Organized Jewry refusing to inform the public about the criminality of Judaism, but instead propagating the idea of Gentile antisemitism as a special case of racism is the criminal   t          offense of “Infuriating behaviour” (translated from Swedish criminal code. don’t know the US version )

d. Organized Jewry propagating the idea that Holocaust denial is hate speech while refusing to inform the public that lying to the Non-Jew is allowed within Judaism, is the criminal                 offense  of “Infuriating  behavior”, if not fraud.

        The Non-Jewish world would have never accepted the holocaust testimonies if people knew that lying to the Non-Jew is allowed, especially now when through the availability of the            internet we see Jewish humanists survivors of the Holocaust who tell a diametrically opposite story about Aushwitz of what we’ve presented with until today.
More than that, it is a fact that when a Non-Jew hear about a religion which forbids the practitioner to save his Non-Jewish child from death if the Jew can get away with it, and                    above  that finds out that the climax of Judaism is the Moshiach’s extermination of Non-Jews who refuse inferiority then every Non-Jew demands eradication of the particular                      criminal religion as a matter of self defense at ANY COST. Complete annihilation of Organized Jewry is permitted from the laws of war.(I am guessing, don’t know the laws).

e. Propagating the idea that Holocaust denial is hate speech while not disclosing that the climax of Judaism is the Moshiach’s annihilation and enslavement of the Non-Jew is                       “infuriating behaviour”

f. Organized Jewry have propagated the idea that Jews have suffered innocently due to Gentile racism but refuse to disclose that some rabbis allow stealing from Gentiles,  that                  murder of a Non-Jew cannot be punished within Jewish law, that the Talmud describes that a Jew (who is considered image of god) who does not respect the Torah can be                       slaughtered ritually by the rabbis and how much more then the Non-Jew who is an animal in human shape created only for the benefit of the Jews. But still they have propagated the          idea of “antisemitism” as the ONLY explanation to  the numerous reports  throughout the centuries of Jewish ritual human sacrifice, starting from pre-christian times.
There has according to organized Jewry never been, not even ONE single case of ritual human sacrifice of a Non-Jew, though an Israeli professor of Bar-Ilan University has proven          that Medival Jews of Italy were consuming blood from Christian children ritually!!!
This is yet another crime  of “Infuriating behavior” .

g. Deceiving the public by pretending to be an ethnic group (semites) while being multi-ethnic and denouncing opponents as racists so called anti-semites is “fraud” and “infuriating              behaviour”

vi. We need to establish that Jewish persecution throughout the centuries have been legitimate Gentile self defense.

vii. We need to establish that the success of the the followers of Judaism from ancient times
until today
is due to the criminality of Judaism.

viii. We need to establish the historic crimes that Orgnaized Jewry is guilty of

a. The Armenian Genocide done by Döhnme Crypto Jews. See diplomatic cables
See Christoffer Jon Bjerknes
See Wayne Madsen for Döhnme Crypto Jews

b. The Jewish persecution of Christians by Jews and the genocide of 66 million Russian Christians during the Bolshevik revolution
-Diplomatic cables
– Alexander Solzenitsyn
– Destroying churches killing clergy but leaving Synagogues untouched
–  Destroying christian litterature while nationalizing (= protecting) the Chabad library of Talmudic hate litterature. Putin here pretends the Jewish bolsheviks didn’t like
– Jewish bankers financing the “Jewish workers” revolution. Anthony Sutton’s “Wall Street and the Bolshevik revolution”
– “Antisemitism” a capital offense
– the creation of the Jewish autonomous region of Birbidjan where religious  symbols where not forbidden

c.  Jews killed US troops in Iraq for the recording of an anti-islam “commercial” aired on Jew owned CNN. US colonel testifies. Read the comments of the uploader!

d.   Israel did JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson was a CryptoJew

e.   Israel did 911.
Dr. Alan Sabrosky US War College
 U.S. Military Knows Israel did 9/11


Phi Beta Iota: We have not been able to read all this material and we make no judgment on its utility other than to strongly recommend that it not be censored, it must be considered by the collective, and conclusions drawn in the face of all attempts by the Zionists to repress constructive review.

See Especially:

Steele, Robert, “Zionism in America – Steven Strikes & Counting…,Veterans Today, 14 December 2017.

Steele, Robert, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017.

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