Mongoose: “Non-Lethal” Directed Energy Acoustic Weapons in the USA — Words in Your Head, Words in Your Mouth… The Ultimate False Flag Scripting

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Alert Reader says:

This was the technology being released and in current use in 1992 timeframe. What is now used is incredibly advanced and best described as remote induction (soft-style) no voices heard but attitudes shaped in mass population very slowly and subtly except for controlled experiments like the DNC demonstrations of college students who leaders are paid and the followers are targeted with mass (soft) remote induction. Remote soft induction is now the norm, but voice to skull is periodically tested and deployed to see how effective it capabilities can be in selected unstable or mentally ill targets.

Phone calls can be totally  or partially simulated in the alleged speaker's true voice or single words changed to sound exactly the same as the speaker, all done by high speed quantum based A.I. logarithms. There is a lot more to all this now, depends on how much you want to know. This jives with the Comm 12 Briefing Report and the Finders docs referred to in the US News and World Report (USN controlled).

Two documents below the fold.

The below document, from 1993, includes presentations of

  • Acoustic Technology
  • High Power Microwave Technology
  • Battlefield Optical Munitions
  • Application of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
  • Voice Synthesis

DOC (4 Pages): 1993 Non-Lethal Los Alamos Conference

The below document contains two letters from Julianne McKinney, Director of the Electronic Surveillance Project, to Janet Reno and one Jimmy Boots, expressing concern over the testing of non-lethal directed energy acoustic weapons on US citizens, ostensibly as a “final solution” for crime — putting words into people's heads and synthesizing their voices perfectly to frame them for crimes they did not commit?

DOC (5 Pages): 1993 Letters McKinney to Reno & Boots

Phi Beta Iota: These technologies have since been replicated by hackers. While not as perfect (forensically challenging) as those in use by the secret world, they are now common — words being put into the mouth of President George Bush, for example, enough to start a fake news meme.

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