Mongoose: Daniel Estulin on Trump vs The Deep State (Video 29:30 & Text Summary)

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Text summary (bullets) below the fold.

Thanks to our Alert Readers. This corresponds with our positive view of Donald Trump and his backers. Daniel doesn’t mention the military, but rather the manufacturing industrialists as backers against the “Deep State” financial Mafia.

  • Global debt is USD 230 Trillion, which is 325% of the World’s Gross Domestic Product
  • 70% of that GDP is controlled by “financiers” and only 30% is from “industrialists”
  • The isolationist industrialists backing Donald Trump see their chance to take power now because of the collapsing Bretton Woods financial system.
  • The entire Western economic system is facing a collapse of 2 Quadrillion dollars (2,000 Trillion) including derivative bubbles, credit default swaps etc.
  • The slightest rise in interest rates will lead to Global economic collapse
  • In Italy 114 of about 500 banks are bankrupt
  • In Germany Deutsche bank has a gross derivative exposure of USD 42 trillion and is teetering on the verge of oblivion
  • US: CIA “misery index” of real inflation plus real unemployment is 32.89% vs 27% during the darkest period of the Great Depression.
  • Fed has 56 billion in cash and 21 trillion in debt, for a leverage of 77 to 1.
  • Trump’s people want to save the US economy at the expense of the banks
  • The Clinton people would have saved the banks at the expense of impoverishing the US population
  • Estulin explains the difference between the two as big enough to cause a civil war
  • Trump’s bravado, fearlessness, direct approach and his masterful control of the social media is a mortal danger for the deep state and its operatives. It’s a fight to the death.
  • Trump’s cardinal sin was that he announced that he wanted to work with Putin, defending the nation state against the globalist vision of the world government
  • Trump declared the war on drugs and money laundering banks. Drugs have always been the lubricant of then world economy. On a yearly basis the drug trade has 950 billion in sales, which is laundered through the financial system. Trump’s war on drugs is a direct affront against the banking cartel and the entire establishment.
  • Financial contracts must be abrogated or renegotiated, which would enable an economic boom. If that is not possible civil war is possible at worst and something similar to the rape of Russia in the early nineties could happen to the US.

This is the clearest explanation i have ever come across of what the US is going through at the moment and shows  the necessity of Trump’s policies for survival. The Rothschilds and their backers will have to write off most of their loans for a kind of a biblical “Jubilee” and Trump is the man to either negotiate it or to enforce it by military means…..

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