Mongoose: Arkansas Swamp Part II: Spotlight on Clinton Foundation — Pedophilia, Churches, DHS, Pay-to-Play, Murder and More…

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Arkansas Swamp Part II: Spotlight on Clinton Foundation

Part 1 of the Arkansas Swamp covered dozens of arrests, indictments, guilty pleas, and a key chart indicating potential upcoming arrests, from the ongoing investigations taking place in Little Rock, Arkansas. One sung like a bird, while another strong-armed others to remain silent, and yet another set out for murder-to-hire. It is important to review Part 1 to understand the magnitude of the Arkansas swamp, and the potential squeeze it may be putting on the Clinton Foundation.

Lots and lots of detail — names names, dates, places.

To summarize, the Bill and Hillary Clinton are operating an illegal fictitious company under the Clinton Foundation, in partnership with GE and Tenet Healthcare Corporation, both of whom have been charged for fraud in the past and are currently under investigation again, together with Verizon, all with a focus on healthcare and Medicaid in Little Rock. They ran this program throughout Pulaski County for five years, from 2012-2017, during a time where investigations into Medicaid fraud and looking into behavioral health care facilities, with a strong focus on legislators (past and present), were taking place, and future arrests are eminent. There are also ongoing Federal investigations taking place simultaneously, in which it would appear as though the Clinton Foundation is one of those investigations.

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