Robert Steele: NewsGuard is a Zionist Firewall Against the Truth #GoogleGestapo Fake News

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Field McConnell and Abel Danger are doing some good work. The below is worth reading in its entirety.  I continue to distinguish between the Deep State and its Zionist (genocidal apartheid criminal) underbelly and Judaism, and Judaism. Although Jews worldwide — and across the USA — reject Zionism, this is one of the truths the Zionists do not want to see in the media.

NewsGuard was created to serve the interests of American [Jewish] oligarchy

NewsGuard is a propaganda and fake-ratings research firm that uses pseudo-journalists to create new fake news filters as further promotion of misinformation and disinformation coming from today’s top 7,500 news sources. Their trained analysts review online news brands to help propaganda mass media rule the internet by censoring, banning, abolishing, and bankrupting legitimate journalism that supports and propels healthy eating, natural medicine, sustainable farming practices, critical thinking, individualism, self-reliance, and of course, the Constitution.

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