Kerry Cassidy: Presidents Who Know Too Much — the Price of Secrecy is Death at the Top

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Kerry Cassidy


I am reading the book WATERGATE HOAX by Ashton Gray.  Gray goes into minute blow by blow detail proving Watergate was a planned CIA op.  And how it was a cover for stealing the L. Ron Hubbard protocols/works that deal with auditing and the higher OT levels.  The motive behind this is that the CIA & MJ12 had found that they needed a greater deterrent to keep people and especially Presidents and unwelcome pesky members of government out of the loop and in the dark. 

At this point, I think one can safely say that CIA is the operational side of MJ12.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I pay very careful attention to anything Kerry Cassidy asserts, and President Donald Trump should as well.  I don’t think Scientology is ahead of  the Vatican, Chabad, and the upper levels of the Freemasons and Mormons in relation to Satanic Ritual Abuse and interaction with stellar civilizations, some evil, some good.

Of course I have no direct knowledge. Where Kerry stands out is in her long-standing and rigorous recruitment and exploitation (in a good way) of whistle-blowers.  Others, such as David Wilcock, got their start through her. For me David Icke is still the gold standard, but Kerry is without question one of the “top four” I would want to have in the room educating the President on what he has not been told.

I also balk at the idea that CIA is the operational side of Majestic-12.  There is much to make that case, including CIA’s mind-control endeavors, particularly via Hollywood and rap music and other  domains, and CIA’s illegal domestic network that compromises governors, legislators, mayors, judges, and prosecutors, among others. That needs to be cleaned up. But the role of NASA, the USAF, and the USN are well documented and cannot be ignored.

As totally as I support our President for re-election, I am very worried.  No doubt he is playing a very deep game and must keep his enemies close, but from where I sit he has lost at least 20% of his base if not more to his continued pandering to the Zionist parasite and his refusal to get on with some of his most fundamental promises, including 9/11 disclosure and withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Middle East. If he fails to call out the recent false flag events for what they are — contrived false flags with multiple shooters or faked deaths or some mix of both — and calls for gun control — then he will lose another 20% of his base starting in Florida.

The whole matter of extraterrestrial disclosure matters for two reasons: free energy, and nuclear neutralization.

Our government appears to have repressed free energy, both from extraterrestrial reverse engineering and from natural invention (e.g. Tesla) to protect the energy industrial complex  that has cheated all of us while destroying the earth, just because they could meter (profit from) fossil fuels and could not meter (profit from) free energy.

Our government appears to have repressed knowledge of the constructive neutralization of our nuclear and inter-continental capabilities in order to avoid constraining the nuclear and military-industrial complexes, and to allow the invented genocidal apartheid criminal state of Israel to press on with massive lies about Iran while stealing nuclear materials from the USA to create 200 nuclear bombs paid for by US taxpayers. There may even be a current Jeffrey Epstein connection via the New Mexico ranch and aircraft with tail numbers exempt from border crossing inspections.

This brings us to the crux of presidential power. How does the President know what, when? For Donald Trump to be the greatest President ever, he needs an intelligence community AND A COUNTERINTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY that can inform him concisely, in a timely fashion, about all threats, all policies, all costs, and ideally do so predominantly with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) that can be shared with the public, Congress, the media, and foreign allies.

That is not what we have today.  Today we have a really shitty archipelago of secret intelligence agencies that are easily up to 70% fraud, waste, and abuse; that provide “at best” 4% of what the President needs and nothing for everyone else; and whose best efforts are focused on covert operations including regime change, drone assassination, and rendition & torture.

This is insane. I want three things from this President:

01 Complete reconstruction of US intelligence & counterintelligence

02 Full disclosure on both extraterrestrials and the Zionist parasite

03 #UNRIG: Unity through Integrity (Electoral Reform Act).

Those are his lasting legacy.  Everything else is cosmetic.

Semper Fidelis,
Steele Sends

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