Philip Schuyler: How to Steal an Election in Four Steps

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How to Steal an Election in Four Steps

It was January and the Democrats had a problem: things were too good in America. No wars, improved border security, lower drug prices, lower taxes, and a bull market would likely conspire to get Trump reelected in November.

In February covid 19 reached our shores. While most of us were trying to figure out how serious it was, America’s top leftists formulated an ingenious if sadistic plan to use covid 19 to steal the presidency in November.

Here is how they did it in four steps:*

Step 1: Fake Pandemic to Kill Business & Trump Rallies*
Step 2: Media Manipulation in Favor of Biden to Point of Treason*
Step 3. The Election – Planned Fraud & Emergency Fraud*
Step 4. Selling the Biden Victory Narrative with Criminal Conspiracy*

Step 1: Fake Pandemic to Kill Business & Trump Rallies*

Step one: promote the virus as potentially world-ending. Regardless of how severe it turned out to be in the USA, it would be publicized as contagious and deadly; people could not be allowed to assemble in groups for fear of spreading it. Government agencies, prominent Democrats, and the media would paint it as a once-a-century pandemic like the one in 1918 that killed 30 million people. They’d close businesses and mandate wearing masks to help embed the notion.

Covid fearmongering and quarantines would create isolation, loneliness, depression, and maybe a recession. When voters are displeased they tend to oust the incumbent, and with the false narrative of Trump’s incompetence perpetually reinforced by the media the voters would hopefully blame and reject Trump. Also, and more crucially, the virus would provide the justification needed to permit mail-in voting, the preferred means of cheating when you know you’re going to need tens or hundreds of thousands of fake votes to win. Jimmy Carter called mail-in voting the largest source of potential voter fraud.

On April 1st, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that covid 19 had killed 26,473 Americans. A month later on May 1st the death toll had more than doubled. But the following day the CDC reduced the US death toll by half, claiming that some deaths had been wrongly attributed to covid. Four months later, on August 30th, after posting ever-higher US death tolls all summer, the CDC again quietly revised the number – from 153,504 to 9,210 – a “correction” of 94%: the CDC had exaggerated the US death toll by 20x. The virus was not phony; something really did escape from a Wuhan lab, but it was not nearly as deadly as purported to be in the USA, so the CDC lied for political purposes. (If you find it hard to believe that the CDC could be this deceitful you have underestimated the politicization and corruption of our federal government agencies and media.)

The Democrats accidentally confirmed their plot to abuse the virus. On May 20th at 1:09 PM Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “It’s vital that governors maintain restrictions on businesses until after the November election because economic recovery will help Trump be reelected. A few business closures or job losses is a small price to pay to be free from his presidency.” After being informed by the other deceivers that the plan was not supposed to be known by the general public she deleted the tweet.

In the USA covid 19 was a cold successfully packaged as a crisis. Power-hungry governors and mayors used it as an excuse to close businesses based on their politics. The virus spawned a thousand absurd, inequitable laws. In California you could go to a strip club or casino but you could be fined or arrested for going to church. Pennsylvania had a law forcing people to wear masks in their own home. Vermont had one banning people from having guests in their homes.

Television and the Internet can be used to manipulate people into believing anything at all: most Americans felt there was a true crisis despite there being no sick people around, no emergency room lines, empty hospitals and them not being able to name one person who had died of covid alone. TV got people to believe nonsense over their own eyes.

The Left was able to use covid to get mail-in voting passed in the states where they needed it, and to get election security measures repealed, but they failed to harm Trump’s popularity. Americans could see that the Left, not Trump, was responsible for the quarantines and the lockdowns and for worsening their 2020. Also, to the Democrats’ chagrin, the hoped-for recession never developed.

Step 2: Media Manipulation in Favor of Biden to Point of Treason*

Step two of the plan was nurturing the idea that Biden had an excellent chance to win, accomplished mostly via fake polls. (The pollsters are more shameless than the media, no mean feat.) Biden was far behind, so they claimed he was leading – to inspire Biden supporters – but they had another reason to overstate his chances. If the polls had been honest, if they’d showed Biden had little chance, and then he won, even Democrats might suspect something. To lend credence to their later claim that Biden had won the election fairly they had to establish that he could win, so that when he was declared the winner, only the Republicans would suspect fraud, to be blamed on sour grapes.

So the polls had Biden up by ten to twenty points even in states Trump had won against Hillary Clinton in 2016, like Michigan and Wisconsin, laughable claims to anyone who’d seen video of the crowds each man was drawing. While Trump was getting between 20,000 and 50,000 people to show up (four days before the election Trump drew a crowd of 57,000 in Butler PA) Biden was only able to draw a few hundred. This became so embarrassing for the Democrats, along with Biden’s forgetfulness, they had to stop him from campaigning altogether.

Then things got worse. Three weeks before the election the New York Post broke a story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter based on information from Hunter’s laptop, which had been taken in for repairs. Former Biden family business partners Tony Bobulinski and Bevan Cooney, along with computer shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, confirmed – with tens of thousands of primary-source documents – that Hunter Biden was receiving millions of dollars from foreign nations including US enemies for access to Joe Biden, who knew his son was trading on his name with China, Ukraine, & Kazakhstan. The China energy company CEFC had paid $5 million to the Biden family. Equally damaging, the laptop contained videos of Hunter Biden flirting with underage girls while smoking crack.

Joe Biden denied knowledge of any of it despite a photograph showing him standing with their Chinese business partner Jonathan Li in a Chinese Hotel lobby. Ten days after the photo was taken, Hunter Biden was awarded a $1 billion private equity deal financed by the Chinese govt. Joe Biden had also met with officials of the disreputable Ukrainian energy company Burisma – which had been paying Hunter Biden $1M per year for no apparent reason. Joe Biden (referred to in Hunter’s emails as “the big guy”) was directly profiting from the payoffs: in a separate email to one of his children, Hunter wrote, “But don’t worry. Unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.” In other words, Biden was using his drug-addicted son as a bag man to collect millions for himself.

The media and social media considered the Hunter Biden story so politically devastating to Joe Biden that they censored it. The American free press banned a true, well-documented, relevant news story because it harmed their candidate politically, something a totalitarian government does.

In the days preceding the election, that same media tried to make it seem as if covid was getting much worse, quickly, and we needed to mandate closures nationwide, which meant electing Biden. Dr. Fauci and the CDC implied the virus could be a problem for years. Two days after the election they announced that a vaccine had been discovered, which actually had been found weeks or months earlier since a number of researchers and Trump himself had made references to it in tweets, but the news – and the vaccine – had been withheld from the public because it could’ve helped Trump politically.

Step 3. The Election – Planned Fraud & Emergency Fraud*

After midnight on election night, six state governors, all Democrats, halted the ballot counting for several hours. In Nevada when they had stopped counting it had been nearly tied; Trump had led in the other five states:

  • Pennsylvania Trump by 682K votes (15.2%)
  • Georgia Trump by 311K votes (7.5%)
  • Michigan Trump by 307K votes (9.6%)
  • Wisconsin Trump by 128K votes (4.9%)
  • North Carolina Trump by 77K votes (1.4%)

When the six states began counting again, an impossible percentage of the votes were for Biden and most ballots had been left blank for all other races.

So by the morning after the election it was apparent that something was wrong. It appeared that hundreds of thousands of phony Biden votes had been added to the counts in six states, on average, at about 3:45 AM.

Eyewitnesses would confirm this a few weeks later. At the Pennsylvania hearing, when a witness to the fraud was asked, regarding one particularly curious “spike” of 600,000 votes, “How many of those votes were for Trump and responded, “3,200,” the room burst into laughter, it not being possible for any Biden or any candidate to receive 99.5% of the vote.

An eyewitness to the fraud in Michigan testified, “There was a three hour lull after midnight at the Detroit Vote Center until the vans came in about four in the morning with about 60 boxes of ballots,” nearly all for Biden. Another Michigan witness testified that all military ballots she saw “looked like Xerox copies of each other – 100% for Biden.” In Wayne County, one election worker stated in a sworn affidavit that she was instructed to falsify thousands of absentee Trump votes. That county also had so many phantom voters that there were more votes than registered voters.

In Wisconsin, four witnesses testified that 100,000 ballots were brought in at 4:30 AM and counted without any inspection, again all for Biden. At the hearing in Arizona witnesses testified that more than 400,000 illegal ballots had been entered under the direction of Democrat officials in Maricopa and Pima counties. Arizona Governor Ducey refused to explain why he had selected a foreign, corrupt voting machine company to count the vote or why voters in heavily Republican areas of the state had been given a type of magic marker known not to register on the ballots. In Georgia, the ballot rejection rate was 90% below its historical average and the Secretary of State, with the approval of Governor Brian Kemp, had signed a “consent decree” prior to the election to make it impossible to check and match the signatures on ballots and envelopes, showing premeditation.

Technical experts also saw glaring discrepancies. The inventor of email, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai tweeted to both Trump and Biden, “Our analysis in Michigan indicates a computer algorithm was likely used to transfer 69,000 votes. We are willing to subject our results to a critical and transparent review with your representatives. Are you open?”

All the controversial states and several others had used Dominion systems, a software company with ties to Smartmatic, the tech supplier in the Venezuelan election that brought Hugo Chavez to power. Smartmatic Director Antonion Mugica admitted in 2017 that they had created “at least one million” fake votes in that year’s election in Venezuela. Investigators found that votes from 28 US states had been sent to Germany and Spain to be counted by Smartmatic/Dominon.

A 2016 Facebook post by Dominion systems security chief Eric Coomer regarding Trump: “If you’re planning to vote for that autocratic, narcissistic, fascist, ass-hat blowhard and his Christian jihadist VP, UNFRIEND ME NOW.” More recently Coomer reportedly bragged, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made fucking sure of that.” One week after the election investigators discovered that Dominion software had negated at least 2.7 million Trump votes and had flipped at least 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden.

It wasn’t nearly enough to steal the election, though. As Trump lawyer Sidney Powell explained, “Trump votes were programmed to switch to Biden but Trump’s votes were so high it didn’t work right because they didn’t set their algorithms high enough.” That’s why they had to stop the counts on election night. They needed to hastily add hundreds of thousands of votes in the early morning of November 4th to make up for the under-cheating by the software.

The most blatant fraud was in Pennsylvania, where 1.8 million absentee ballots were sent out and 2.5 million came back. At least 21,000 dead people voted in Pennsylvania, including boxing great Joe Frazier who passed away in 2011. In Pittsburgh 17,000 people who went to vote were told that they had already voted by mail. At the Pennsylvania hearing, dozens of witnesses testified that tens of thousands of Trump votes had been deliberately uncounted and that at 3 AM on election night there was a single dump of 186,000 votes, all for Biden.

Nothing about the election made sense. According to Judicial Watch, 353 counties in 29 different states had voter registration exceeding 100%. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in all major cities except in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, & Georgia, four of the six states with the suspicious count stoppages. How could the GOP have won every toss-up race in the House of Representatives and 18 of the 19 bellwether counties in America but not the presidential election? How could Biden had have received more votes from the black community than Obama did?

A disproportionate number of government employees are afflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), a visceral hatred of Trump and his supporters, irrational in that it can’t be justified by anything real. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who oversees the voting in that state had tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear that he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-Nazi base than being POTUS for all Americans.” The man in charge of the presidential election in Georgia also referred to Trump voters as “Nazis.”

Fortunately, along with the kind of people who rationalize cheating as justified – because it’s Trump – there were a lot of honest, principled poll and postal workers who witnessed the fraud firsthand and signed affidavits to that effect – from every state in the nation, hundreds from some states. Ballot and count observers were illegally ejected; Biden votes were created & backdated; Trump votes were destroyed or deliberately left uncounted; servers were wiped clean. There had never been anything like it in America.

As Rudy Giuliani put it, “The Democrats cheated in all the places that were critical to them, “crooked from top to bottom.” He also noted, “There was too much fraud in too many places for it to be a coincidence,” effectively admitting was a professionally-organized attempt to illegally take over the nation.

In truth, President Trump likely received between 74.5 million and 76.5 million votes, winning both the popular vote and the electoral vote handily.

Step 4. Selling the Biden Victory Narrative with Criminal Conspiracy*

The media reported none of this, except anecdotally as Republican griping. They reported that Biden had won, and that he was the president-elect, though he was not because the count was still going on. Major broadcast media refused to carry important updates by the President of the United States and ridiculed anyone who questioned the integrity of the election: Trump was a cry baby: Giuliani was unbalanced; Sidney Powell was a conspiracy theorist. When Fox News chose to ignore stark reality in favor of the lie (Tucker Carlson attacked Powell – perhaps the most respected attorney in Washington – of making claims she could not substantiate) it lost a huge chunk of its viewership to Newsmax and OANN, networks on which the news is not scripted in advance.

The Left went into, “Why can we all just get along” mode. “A time for healing,” said the newspapers. They defended mail-in voting, the count stoppages, Dominion software, etc. Evidence did not matter to them, only selling the narrative that Biden was the victor. They enlisted the help of Trump-hating Republicans like Mitt Romney, Chris Christi, and Paul Ryan to implore Trump, the overwhelming winner, to concede.

Facebook and Twitter tagged tweets referencing the cheating with notices like, “Official sources called this election differently,” or, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.” They were set beforehand to attach these tags to tweets, which begs the question, why did they expect so many claims of fraud? Also prior to the election CEOs Zuckerberg and Dorsey had expressed concern about users commenting on the election “while the count was going on” – likely because they knew about the steal and thus knew that the count would not go on for hours but weeks. The tags and censorship were their means of trying to undermine truth tellers during that period. Users were furious. Thousands left Facebook and Twitter for rival social media company Parler, which honors First Amendment rights.

Joe Biden acted as if he were the legitimate president and his wife Jill acted like the First Lady. Biden did all the things a new leader is supposed to do: he called for unity; he said he’d be a president for all the people; he exchanged pleasantries with world leaders; he started to pick the members of his cabinet.

The Left, however, was not 100% certain that the steal would ultimately succeed. Trump was still immensely popular, so they knew that the race was not going to be close and that the fraud might have to be too blatant and obvious to hold up. (There has only been one successful stolen election in US history, the contest between Samuel Tilden and Rutherford Hayes, and it required a very close race; see Gore Vidal’s, “1876.”) Then, on September 18th, 46 days before the election, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, making a Democrat victory even less likely. A Biden victory would’ve probably required Supreme Court intervention and the Court had just lost its most anti-Trump member, replaced by a Trump appointee.

Hence the deceivers, if they failed to take the presidency, had a plan B. During the two months it would take to sort out the mess, the media would report that Biden had won fairly, censoring or dismissing all information to the contrary, keeping up the pretense until the last possible moment – when the courts declared Trump the winner – to make it seem that Trump had filched the win from Biden via “backroom deals,” as billionaires do, thereby inflaming the Democrats’ sense of injustice and spawning the false narrative of the next four years: Trump stole the 2020 election, he’s not the rightful president, this is a coup; he’s a tyrant, etc. They’d leave Democrats feeling they had suffered a terrible injustice and were thus owed, a doctrinaire leftist method of inciting hostility and violence.

For seven months influential writers including foreigners had been posing an odd question: what if President Trump lost the election but refused to leave the White House? (Odd because there was no reason to think either would happen.) Subsequent events revealed the reason for the question: the Left was planting the seed. Foreshadowing the narrative. It would later claim exactly that.

The Left excels at dividing people: media believers cannot be persuaded that the Biden win was phony– disinformation is that potent – and they dismiss any truth speaker as propagandized. (Disinformation is a set of lies that carry weight because they are self-consistent and they seem to come from an official source or a disinterested third party. Victims of disinformation don’t know they’ve been manipulated because they feel they’ve based their conclusions on facts.) Disinformation reinforces wrong judgments, crystallizes prejudices, and provides a self-justification for scorn and even criminal behavior. Plan B: engender outrage; divide Americans; make the nation as ungovernable as possible.

This is the damage done to our nation if the Left fails. If they succeed in stealing the presidency, if they’ve corrupted our courts and judges as they have our intelligence agencies and Justice Department (none of Trump’s framers in the Russia hoax have been prosecuted and AG Barr has allowed Chris Wray’s FBI to severely undermine the president) our future is much darker. We’ll look back on today’s fake news, corruption, speech restrictions, and suspensions by omnipotent tech giants as “the good old days.”

Note the scope of what has happened. When government agencies fake the lethality of a disease, isolate people, impose lockdowns, and try to cause a recession, when they deceive via unconstitutional laws, fake polls, mail-in-voting, and rigged software, when the fraud enlists the Centers for Disease Control, the FBI and CIA, high-level plants within other agencies, state governors & attorneys general, the broadcast media, & social media – all to take down one man because he’s the choice of the people – that’s not “voter fraud.” It’s an organized coup.

Are the Democrats that you know capable of this? Could Pelosi, AOC, Swalwell and the rest pull this off? Or are just politically-aligned order-takers, like our media and social media, from, likely, Soros and China, a pair that often work together because they share a common enemy, America? Today’s Democrats are controlled by far-left Alinskyites who produce tension & chaos, then blame capitalism, racism, & Trump. Look what they did to us this year. How many Americans did they isolate to sell the virus lie? How much depression and loss of income did they cause? How many breakups and divorces? How many elderly people had to die alone to serve the Left’s narrative? They even suppressed the effective covid drug hydroxychloroquine for months – they kept medicine from people who needed it – solely because President Trump had said the drug was effective and they could not allow Trump to seem to be right about anything. As noted, they suppressed the vaccine as well. The party is no longer a political opponent; it is a US enemy and the most retrograde force in America.

If the Left had allowed Trump to be reelected as was his due, things would be fine in America – we’re at peace, the economy is growing again, and with a vaccine for corona there’s less “need” for virus laws. Freedom could return. But by doing what they did to us during 2020 with the exaggeration of the virus, the fake polls, the gargantuan election fraud, and the media’s deliberate implantation of rancor, half of Americans don’t want to speak to the other half, far from ideal for us but a perfect situation for US enemies, not by coincidence.

Alternately, if the coup succeeds and the Biden presidency is upheld the America we know is deceased. Fill in the second date on the headstone. There is no 2024. If Trump cannot beat the deep state as the incumbent, what challenger will ever displace them? The USA will become another EU, a puppet democracy with fixed elections, making laws irrespective of the consent of the governed, intentionally hobbling itself via immigration policy, speech restrictions, and legislation that punishes non-pc groups. By instituting polices that antagonize a would-be peaceful society and blaming it on freedom, leftist governments incentivize the people to want intervention, until a Soviet Union or a China is gradually achieved, leaving the people wondering what happened to their rights, while the puppeteers smirk.

Since the Civil War, this coup-dressed-as-election-fraud is the most dire threat to America’s survival as a free country.

* Phi Beta Iota: headline not in original and added by PBI editor for clarity. We normally point to items rather than replicate them, but this article is so very important, and our defenses against Deep State digital assassination so much better than the average blogger can afford or devise, that in this instance are making an exception. Click on the headline to visit the author and read the original. This superb essay has been added as a reference point for the proposed public education movie outlined at

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The US government makes 350 pages of new laws each day, including directives of policy that limit what an individual may do at home alone or with consenting adults. Such laws are intended to make people safer, healthier, or more productive, but they often violate the Five Rights because they sacrifice personal choices to some presumed greater good. Directives of policy may include laws that violate the rights to privacy or free speech; laws restricting abortion or physician-assisted suicide; prohibitions on unhealthy foods, cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs; laws that discriminate against gays; and laws that violate property rights.


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