2000 Politi (IT) The Birth of OSINT in Italy

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Alessandro Politi
Alessandro Politi

Alessandro Politi was “present at the creation” in 1992, and on that occasion, while not a speaker, coined the term “intelligence minuteman” over dinner, and was instantly recognized as a thought leader.  he went on to pioneer modern OSINT within Italy as well as the Western European Union.

Golden Candle Award: Mr. Alessandro Politi, Western European Union OSS ’93: Mr. Alessandro Politi, developer of “Intelligence Minuteman” concept and one of the leading advocates of open source intelligence within the Western European Union.

Click on the Frog to connect to his article about the “intelligence minuteman” concept as ultimately published in the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence.

NATO OSINT Handbook, Reader, & Intelligence Exploitation of the Internet
Politi in IJIC on Intelligence Minuteman

1999 Allen (US) Requirements, Collection, and Current Awareness: The Human Dimension (The Role of Open Sources as the Foundation for Successful All-Source Collection Strategies)

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Charlie Allen
Charlie Allen

Charlie Allen, at the time Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection, is one of the longest-serving professionals in the US Intelligence Community, and went on to become the Undersecretary for Intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security before finally retiring.  This contribution was drafted by Dr. Joseph Markowitz at the direction of and with final editing by Mr. Allen.