Mongoose: The Treason of Big Tech — New Movie on Creepy Google, Creepy Facebook

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#GoogleGestapo: Facebook & Google Obscure & Manipulate Privacy Settings

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Facebook and Google use ‘dark patterns’ around privacy settings, report says

Facebook, Google and Microsoft push users away from privacy-friendly options on their services in an “unethical” way, according to a report by the Norwegian Consumer Council.

It studied the privacy settings of the firms and found a series of “dark patterns”, including intrusive default settings and misleading wording.

The firms gave users “an illusion of control”, its report suggested.

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Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young: Sixteen Domains of Identity

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Kaliya Young

The Domains of Identity

by Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young, MSIMS

Abstract:  The Domains of Identity outlines sixteen key categories of transactions  which cause personally identifiable information to be stored in databases. The purpose of this research is to address challenges of Identity Management that involve interactions of almost all people in almost all institutional/organizational contexts. Enumerating the sixteen domains and describing the characteristics of each domain is intended to clarify which problems arise and how they can be solved within each domain. Discussions of identity management are often confusing because they mix issues from multiple domains, or because they try unsuccessfully to apply solutions from one domain to problems in another. Part of the objective of this article is to eliminate this confusion and enable clearer conversations about identity management problems and solutions.

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Penguin How the EU could change the world through Data Asylum

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How the EU could change the world through Data Asylum

All that is needed is a provision that any big Internet company doing business in the EU would be required to offer the EU’s end user license agreement (EULA) as an option for all accounts, no matter where they lived.

PS:  Or, it might be possible to get the same effect by switching your country of origin/location in Facebook and Twitter to Germany..