Yoda: Indigenous Rights Victories in 2015

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yoda with light saberBats last, nature does.

Fifteen Indigenous Rights Victories In 2015

Good news. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a cancelled hydro dam that spares 20,000 people from the burden of displacement. Other times, it takes the shape of a simple court admission that Indigenous Peoples do actually make the best conservationists.

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JZ Liszkiewicz: Achieving Democracy

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JZ Liszkiewicz
JZ Liszkiewicz

One perspective is that the more energy and trust we direct at a system that doesn't deserve our energy and trust, the more lost opportunities accumulate (what could have been). People will counter this broken system, but I don't think it's going to be led by those within the political structure/re-structuring, or even be overtly deliberate.

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Today, Right Now, Please Support Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist) New Film — Interreflections — Watch the Trailer

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Peter Joseph Z MovementPeter Joseph, Zeitgeist Movement Founder, has just agreed to be our inspirational speaker at Open Source Everything for the 21st Century in NYC in early December 2015.

We are moved and appreciative. He is raising money to finish the first of the Interreflections Trilogy movies and although he has achieved his goal of $50,000 we strongly urge all who care about open source everything — and a new model of Open Collaborativsm — to go here, now, and donate what they can.  Thank you, Peter Joseph.

Findhorn: Turning the Tide – A New Global Ethic Where Sustainability and Spirituality Marry

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findhorn logoTurning the Tide – A New Global Ethic Where Sustainability and Spirituality Marry

Giles Hutchins in CSRwire


As anthropologist Gregory Bateson knew well, our materialistic sense of separation from this cosmic Mind breeds an ‘ecology of bad ideas’ where we delude ourselves in to believing we are separate from and in competition with each other and the world around us. It is this corrupting logic which fuels our carcinogenic way of living. Enter the contagion of consumerism, diabolical socio-economic debt-slavery and rampant cultural psychic atrophy.

Stephen E. Arnold: Social Media Demographics

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Social Network Demographics by the Numbers

EXTRACT: Here are some of the facts: Facebook is still mostly female and remains the top network.  Twitter leans heavier on the male demographic, while YouTube reaches more adults in 18-34 demographic than cable TV.  Instagram is considered the most important of teenage social networks, but Snapchat has the widest appeal amongst the younger crowd.  This is the most important for professionals: “LinkedIn is actually more popular than Twitter among U.S. adults. LinkedIn’s core demographic are those aged between 30 and 49, i.e. those in the prime of their career-rising years. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn also has a pronounced skew toward well-educated users.”

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Kosmos: Double Enclosure — the shut down of democratic accountability, participation and transparency

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kosmos logo‘Double Enclosure’- the shut down of democratic accountability, participation and transparency

What’s going on is a double-enclosure: a massive privatization and commodification of the physical world – the atmosphere, land, forests, genes, life forms, and more – and a massive privatization and commodification of economic decision making and democracy themselves.

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Jean Lievens: The Unionization of Digital Workers — Next Big Thing?

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Phi Beta Iota: Brother Jean has pointed to a Financial Times article for which payment is demanded, good-bye Financial Times. The core material: “Future of work” is a hot topic. Sara Horowitz and Freelancers Union could be indicators of unionization and influence potential. Out of a population of 319 million in the USA, more or less, 53 million are said to be working as free lancers. The future of work, as Richard Wolff has now realized, is dependent on the future of democracy — without electoral reform we cannot bring democracy into the workplace. The future of work — if it is to be characterized by prosperity for all and peace across Earth — demands holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering. Root, however, is OpenPower — Electoral Reform.