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Right now, three entities contributing to the public good – citizens, the public sector, and private businesses – are incredibly dependent on each other. Citizens need support from government and the broader public sector, and jobs from businesses.  The public sector needs the support of the private sector through products and services, and needs input, ideas, and other contributions from its citizens.  And private sector organizations increasingly seek to stand for something more than merely selling products – they seek to help the public sector and contribute to citizens’ well-being.

SECTOR: PUBLIC lives where these three entities meet.  If necessity is the mother of invention, there has been no period in our lifetimes during which technological innovation is able to have such a great impact on civic progress.  Every day at SECTOR: PUBLIC, we will discuss cutting-edge technology, share public sector stories, and provide thought leadership about how American progress and public good are being both disrupted and benefited by the rapid innovation era we are living through.

NOTEWORTHY:  What is the Vision for Open Government Entrepreneurship? by Mark Drapeau

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Phi Beta Iota: The intellectual philosophy on display here is HYBRID.    Below are the other websites identified by Sector Public as being valuable.

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Worth a Look: “Liberation Technology”

Worth A Look

Program on Liberation Technology (Stanford University, California)

Liberation Technology Newsletter (Winter 2010, Stanford University, California)

Liberation Technology International Research (Stanford University, California)

Seminar on Technology for Developing Regions (Stanford University, California)

Designing Liberation Technologies (Stanford University, California)

Technology of Liberation?  Activists Get Their Own Smartphone (Huffington Post)

Liberation Technology and Digital Activism (Meta-Activism Project)

Is Social Media a disease or a liberation technology? (ISISASTER 2.0)

Liberation Overreach in Iran (Democracy Digest)

Liberation Technology?  Forget About It (Blog Posting)

Liberation Technology (Under Construction)

Technology Liberation Front

Worth a Look: IBM’s People for a Smarter Planet

Worth A Look
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People for a Smarter Planet offers a dynamic and intelligent network of activities, conversations and discussions you can participate in to help build a sustainable and smarter world. Or, if you just want to hang around and listen, that’s okay too.

Phi Beta Iota: Now imagine if they had a Strategic Analytic Model and could offer up a zip-code based web platform for enabling transparency and connecting the dots across the ten threats and twelve policies, one dollar at a time.  Or a World Brain & Global Game…

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Journal: Chinese Super-Computing…

02 China, Research resources, Technologies

China’s ‘big hole’ marks scale of supercomputing race

1,000 U.S. scientists are involved in exascale development, but China and Europe have stepped up their investment, IBM warns

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Computerworld – WASHINGTON — To make a point about China’s interest in supercomputing, David Turek, IBM’s vice president of deep computing, displayed a slide with a picture depicting a large construction site for a building that will house a massive computer.

Speaking at an IEEE-USA forum here on Thursday, Turek pointed to a photo (below) of a supercomputing center being built in Shenzhen, China, and said, “That’s a truck — that’s a big truck, that’s a big hole, and that’s going to be a big building. And that’s only the first building they are going to build there.”

Phi Beta Iota: Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institute got it right years ago–the ONLY revolutionary technology at the time, and still today, is C4I but better called C2I today because command & control is dead: communication, computing, and intelligence (decision-support, not secrets).  Energy revolutions are coming along, including paintable solar energy molecules, but C2I is where it’s at for now.  CISCO continues to refuse to create cradle to cradle routers that also deliver Application Oriented Network (AON) ownership and rule making to the point of creation, so this is one big need we have; the other is a complete open source software suite of tools that delivers the eighteen functionalities defined by CATALYST et al in 1985-1989.  Finally, but actually first, we want free reliable simple cell phones for the five billion poor.  THAT is the super-computer of now and ever.

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Journal: The Economics of West Bank Settlements

Civil Society, Government, Peace Intelligence
Chuck Spinney Recommends

We were looking for a nice, peaceful place near Jerusalem’

Rachel Shabi, Guardian, 24 Sept 2010

If the construction of settlements in the West Bank is meant to be on hold, why are Israeli buyers being offered new properties on Palestinian land at knock-down prices?

The housing project currently under construction in Almon offers enticingly priced, spacious family homes with a garden and a view. The surrounding neighbourhood, also known as Anatot, sits on a ridge overlooking the Judean hills, near Jerusalem, a blaze of cultivated greenery in the parched landscape. Residents have a relaxed air, and newcomers who have recently relocated from Jerusalem wish they’d made the move years ago. If I were a prospective house-buyer, I’d be charmed. But I would not be looking here – because Almon is in the occupied West Bank.

Phi Beta Iota: Worth a full read.  This explains both the economics of the illegal settlements, and the massive financial resources that the Israeli government offers in favor of illegal settlements, at the same time that it lies to a complacent US Government that knows better, but prefers to sacrifice its diplomatic integrity for the pretense of progress.

Journal: From Dump to City, Bottom-Up Visioning

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Government, Reform, YouTube
Burien WA Page

B-TOWN – How Burien came into its own. (Trailer)

A sample of a documentary that shows the creative heart that sustains a community regardless of what happens. Grass roots democracy in action. Updated version.


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