Review (Guest): Cotton and Race in the Making of America

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Gene Dattel

5.0 out of 5 stars Now I Better Understand What It Was All About,June 10, 2010

By  Richard P. Canon (Spartanburg, SC United States) – See all my reviews

Being a proud fifth-generation Southerner, I thought that I fully understood why the Civil War was fought. Most of my understanding was based upon the influence of society and culture within which I grew up. Although none of my family were flag flying Confederates, there was very much pride in being a Southerner and having ancestors who fought for the Confederacy.

After reading this book, I honestly believe that I better understand why the Southerners did what they did. Within my lifetime I have been told over and over that the war was fought over the issue of slavery. As this book shows, slavery was at the root of the war. The primary issue of the war, however, was pure economics.

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