American Uprising or American Up-Wising?

5 Star, Democracy, Worth A Look


Two new books that articulate the foundation and the strategic framework for an authentically transpartisan movement-or-movements in America.


ON GOVERNANCE, Cor Publicum: The Evolution of Res Publica, by Dr. Franca Baroni

“This book introduces a fundamentally new social contract.

It is a pathway into the center of a radically new system of Law and governance.

It is best comprehended with the intelligence of the Heart.”

Dr. Franca Baroni holds a J.D. equivalent and a doctorate in law from the University of Basle, Switzerland, and a master’s in comparative law (L.L.M.) from the University of Miami. She is a member of the New York Bar since 1999 and a member of the Swiss Bar since 1997. She is a certified mediator with the Supreme Court of Florida and a meditation and awareness guide, not aligned with any particular tradition. She lives in Seattle, Washington.


REUNITING AMERICA: A Toolkit for Changing the Political Game, by “conservatarian” Joseph McCormick and “pro-green-sive” Steve Bhaerman

Reuniting America: A Toolkit for Changing the Political Game is a manifesto for a “grassroots upwising,” a transpartisan movement-of-movements. It is the story of the eight year journey of a serious citizen on a quest to discern the principles and practices for transforming the political game from win/lose to win/win. It weaves bold truth telling about power, control and the game of politics with the enlightened humor of a jester willing to point out “the Emperor has no clothes.” As old top-down ways of governing prove inadequate in the face of increasing complexity, it is intended to direct attention to the early signs of a new, cooperative form of political behavior emerging from the bottom-up (beginning with green-progressives working with “conservatarians” to localize economic and political decision-making.)

2001 Porter (US) Tools of the Trade: A Long Way to Go

Historic Contributions, Methods & Process, Technologies, Tools
1985 CATALYST Concept
1985 CATALYST Concept

In 1985-1986 an utterly brilliant woman, Diane Webb, working with Dennis McCormich and under the oversight of Gordon Oehler, established the definitive requirements statement for an all-source analytic workstation.  We still do not have such a workstation, and the lack of integrity among intelligence community leaders and vendors is the reason.  No one is willing to sponsor a generic Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) solution that can be used by both all-source analysts and all external analysts.  DARPA STRONG ANGEL TOOZL is a start, but inadequate to the needs of all-source analysts dealing with multiple complex challenges.  Below is the best slide from a presentation to OSS '01 by Claudia Porter from Austin Information Systems, who totally impressed the audience because unlike all other vendors trying desperately to propose “single-point technology solutions” that are nothing more than a deep hook that shuts the customer off from all other solutions, she examined where specific tools fit on a matrix of need.   Click on the slide to see the entire briefing. Click on Frog Right to see the list of softwares that the US Special Oprations Command J-23 (Open Source Branch) uses today, none of them integrated because the US Government refuses to cooperate with the OMB/GSA efforts–mandated by the White House–to find “common solutions.”  One day, Claudia Porter may get to direct a skunkworks with an anti-turst waiver from the Department of Commerce that achieves what we knew we needed in 1985.

Porter Slide Enhanced
Porter Slide Enhanced
SOCOM SW Cluster and TOOZL
SOCOM SW Cluster and TOOZL