Robert Steele: National Security Strategy — The Mattis Version

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Platitudes without integrity.  This is the 2018 Mattis version but this is what the good people trapped in  the bad system called the Pentagon are working with.  This “strategy” lacks integrity, is divorced from reality, does not do true cost economics, and is not helpful to American security.

PDF (14 Pages): 2018-National-Defense-Strategy-Summary

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Robert Steele: Open Letter to the President: Reinventing National Security – New Book

Mongoose: Why Is John Brennan Not in Jail for Life?

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The Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate

A close review of facts that have slowly come to light reveals that he was a central architect and promoter of the conspiracy theory from its inception.  . . .

Brennan stands apart for the outsized role he played in generating and spreading the false narrative.

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SPECIAL: Steele on False Flags

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The President’s intent to do 9/11 full disclosure is evidently getting out because I am now in demand on the topic of false flags.  I am on record as having run a single false flag for the CIA, and have published in this area, including two collections of memoranda prepared especially for President Donald Trump, so this page is my “stock” reference page henceforth.

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Catherine Austin Fitts: Now Legal for US Government to Lie About Money at Line Item Level — Government Budget is Now Completely Unreliable

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Text Summary and Additional Links Below the Fold

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Wayne Jetts: Federal Reserve is America’s Largest Debtor – President Donald Trump Should Hold Them Accountable (Nationize the Fed but Do NOT Nationalize their Debt)

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Do NOT Nationalize FED Debts!

Finally, after more than a century, Americans have installed a truly reform (some say revolutionary) administration in Washington to restore constitutional government. Urgently needed reforms include return to equal justice under law with full respect for the Bill of Rights, and return to sound money. Ending the Federal Reserve is essential, but “nationalization” would be a big mistake. The Fed is the world’s biggest debtor, and the federal government should not assume that debt.

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Steven Aftergood: CRS on Foreign Agent Registration & Political Warfare (PBI: Half the Story, As Usual)

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Steven Aftergood

Foreign Agents Registration Act: An Overview, CRS In Focus, updated March 7, 2019

Phi Beta Iota: Valuable itemization of the requirements for registration. Unstated but obvious: both AIPAC and ADL are illegally unregistered agents of a foreign power.

Strategic Competition and Foreign Policy: What is “Political Warfare”?, CRS In Focus, March 8, 2019

Phi Beta Iota: High school version of the concept, neglects fact that the US Government does not do holistic analytics or true cost economics, loves regime change as a pay to play profit center for the banks, and lies to the public every single day while the Chinese whip our ass world-wide using peace, commerce, and friendship, the Ron Paul playbook.