Bin Laden Show 44: French Muslim Account of Fake

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Fake Hollywood-style US killing of long dead Usama bin Laden

Usama bin Laden was not a Muslim leader although, as a Muslim himself, he had his own views about Islam just like Christians George Bush and Tony Blair had their views on Christianity when they ordered the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, spilling Muslim blood.  Bin Laden was a CIA agent financed by them, together with his troops, mainly Muslims drawn from various countries, to fight the Soviet occupiers of Afghanistan.  For the Soviets, Usama bin Laden was a terrorist but for the US and other European countries he was a war-hero who turned against them. His crime was that he wanted the US out of his homeland, Arabia, and wanted Israel punished for her crimes and terrorism against the Palestinians whose country is still under occupation. He described the US as having a government within a government working for the benefit of Israel and not for the Americans.  He also said that 9/11 was the work of Israel.

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Since he defeated the Soviets and was on good terms with the Taliban who were the rulers of Afghanistan after the Soviets left, Usama bin Laden had a platform on which he could make his voice heard throughout the world. Because of the perceived truthfulness of what he said, there was a very high risk that he could have provoked the downfall of the Saudis, the Neo-cons and Israel.  He therefore became the prime target of the Neo-cons who set out to eliminate him as he was seen as a grave terrorist threat.  The Saudis, the US fanatical allies, even stripped him of his Saudi Arabian nationality.  He was therefore forced to live in Afghanistan.

Although Usama bin Laden was accused of being the mastermind behind the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 11th September 2001, he denied it and the allegation was never proven.  In fact, the Kuwaiti alleged mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, described as the « the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks », captured in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on March 1, 2003 by the Pakistani ISI, has since been held at Guantamo Bay torture camp still awaiting trial since there is no credible proof against him.  Bin Laden was never indicted and never judged in a court of law, even in his absence.  His alleged guilt is a result of sheer propaganda through a European controlled media.  The same type of fascist propaganda led people to believe for hundreds of years that Black Africans were inferior beings who had to be put in chains.

US Department’s fake videos and pictures of Usama bin Laden

There are numerous reports that bin Laden was unwell and that he died from renal and lungs complications as far back as 14th December 2001, as also reported in the Egyptian al-Wafd newspaper, 26th December 2001 and in The Observer of Pakistan.  In the article : « Israeli intelligence: Bin Laden is dead, heir has been chosen », 16th October 2002, Israeli intelligence officials told reporters that they and United States officials believe that Usama bin-Laden had been killed in December 2001.  In an interview given to David Frost on Al-Jazeera on 2nd November 2007, Benazir Bhutto, who was later assassinated in Pakistan on 27th December 2007, stated that Omar Sheikh, who was held in Pakistani police custody since February 2002 for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and was sentenced to death the same year, had ‘murdered’ Usama bin Laden.

However, subsequent propaganda videos and pictures of him were produced by the US State Department but they all turned out to be fabricated.  Bin Laden’s alleged 9/11 « confession tapes » released by the Pentagon were an unmistakeable forgery.  One picture from the US fake video was even published on the cover of Newsweek magazine (December 24, 2001 issue) in an attempt to pass it for real, but this attempt also failed. The US released more fake pictures in 2004 and 2007 which looked closer to the real bin Laden, but far from close enough.

In an interview given by French journalist Richard Labévière after the alleged killing of Usama bin Laden on 1st May 2011, he said :

« Les médecins légistes français travaillant pour la DGSE des Services Extérieures avaient donné Ben Laden mort, cliniquement mort, depuis plusieurs années. Rappelons que il vivait avec un seul reins. Il avait été blessé en vertu des shrapnels, des éclats de mortier dans le dos en 1985 dans un affrontement, un accrochage, avec les troupes soviétiques et que depuis 85 il a été dialysé régulièrement. Souvenez-vous aussi de son passage à l’Hôpital américain de Dubai entre le 5 et le 13 juillet 2001, deux moins avant les attentats du World Trade Centre et le Pentagone. »

The journalist also speaks of the « discours électoral de Obama ».

Fake US killing of Usama bin Laden

There is no evidence that bin Laden was killed as announced by Barack H Obama on 1st May 2011, an operation which allegedly took place a week earlier but the story was later changed.  All indications, through the publications of more fabricated pictures, serious contradictions into what happened when Obama and his cohorts allegedly watched the whole (Hollywood) episode live, the timing and so on, are that bin Laden was never in that building, wrongly described as a mansion where bin Laden was allegedly hiding for the past six years.  The US originally said that they acted on the intelligence provided by the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) but went in (illegally) without informing them for fear that bin Laden might be tipped off.  They later said it was a ‘joint exercise’ but that the Pakistani forces only came in afterwards, but even they did not identify the alleged body of bin Laden, as planned.

The US originally said there was a fire fight but later we are told there were no weapons in the building.  The US originally said that bin Laden used his wife as a human shield and that she was shot dead but later we are told that the alleged wife was shot in the leg when she came towards the US soldier.  The US originally said that bin Laden was armed and he resisted when he was shot ‘dead’ but later we are told he was unarmed but was nevertheless executed in cold blood.  The area in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where the operation took place is a highly militarised area but no one allegedly spotted the 2 US helicopters coming in.  One helicopter allegedly had mechanical problems and was allegedly destroyed by the US soldiers, over 25 of them, and they made their getaway with the alleged bin Laden dead body in just one helicopter, took him to sea and buried him quickly (without any form of independent identification) according to Islamic customs (invented by them) we are told. Oh!  We are also later told that the helicopter took him to Afghanistan (the new American homeland) first before taking him to a sea ‘burial’ in secret, DNA to be automatically confirmed later, of course.  The gruesome pictures of 3 dead men shot by the US soldiers have been published but they are still unidentified.  However, the equally allegedly gruesome picture of bin Laden has never been seen, but everyone seems to have ‘identified’ him.  Barack Obama says he would not release the alleged pictures of dead bin Laden for fear of retaliation by Muslims.  But he has no fear in bombing and occupying Muslim countries killing hundreds of thousands of Muslim men, women, children and babies. This Hollywood script is being fabricated by the day.

As the US are cornered with all the contradictions and lies they have been spreading, they embarked on another propaganda campaign by releasing, on 7th May 2011, alleged videos allegedly stolen from the Abbottabad building showing the same fake pictures of 2004 and 2007 with a video, sound removed to make it more ‘credible’, showing another fake bin Laden from the rear allegedly watching himself on television allegedly in the ‘mansion’ where he was allegedly killed.  If most people believe such garbage, this can only be the result of a complicit media.  But the US are not releasing the alleged recording of the operation allegedly watched live by Barack H Obama, Hilary Clinton and others showing the US soldier/s allegedly coming face to face with Usama bin Laden on 1st May 2011 before he was allegedly killed in self-defence or executed in cold blood.  Hollywood might do it for them.

The announcement, on 1st May 2011, of the alleged and unconfirmed murder of Osama bin Laden (already dead many years ago) sent the unpopular US President Barack H Obama’s ratings rising in a pre-presidential election time, and the murders of the son of Muammar Gadhafi and his 3 grandchildren by NATO attacks on Libya on the eve of Obama’s announcement of the alleged killing of bin Laden have been forgotten within a day.  Obama claimed « the world is a safer place », but we are told to expect more terror attacks and the level has been raised.  Americans should really expect vast war budgets to be approved, mostly going to Israel, and should be more willing to curb their civil liberties further in the democratic fascism practised in the US and other European countries for over half a century, which is the basis of the new world order.

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