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Methane found in water near drilling

Industry sees flaws in research about hydraulic fracturing


WASHINGTON — New research is providing some of the first scientific evidence that a drilling technique for natural gas might contaminate drinking water.

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In hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, water, sand and chemicals are injected underground to crack the rock and get natural gas to flow into a well. Critics of the technique have worried more about the chemicals since companies have refused to make public the proprietary blends used and some of the ingredients can be toxic.

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Mississippi River Flood Highlights Bailout Costs for Taxpayers

ABC, By DEVIN DWYER (@devindwyer) and HUMA KHAN May 10, 2011

Near record-level cresting of the mighty Mississippi River and images of displaced families along its banks have revived criticism that U.S. taxpayers are unfairly burdened by the expense of accommodating and protecting Americans living in dangerous flood zones.

Since the devastating floods of 1927 and 1937, Congress has poured billions of dollars into a system of levees and spillways and subsidized flood insurance programs to help protect thousands of residents and businesses situated along the Mississippi.

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“We have a system of federal regulations that are inadequate for dealing with the risk,” said Jeffrey F. Mount, geology professor at the University of California-Davis. “The designation of the 100-year flood plain is in and of itself highly problematic. … They made this simplistic line in the sand … and in the end it increased overall risk.”

Phi Beta Iota: Industrial-Era corporations and governments have been operating without being held accountable for strategic analytics–holistic “360 degree” and long-term true cost evaluations.  We have poisoned the Earth and appear bent on both ignoring Earth’s natural limits and needs, and on continuing our misbehavior.  When combined with global warming, rising sea levels, and more frequent flooding, we are placing at risk over half the world’s population.

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