Cynthia McKinney: Hands Off Libya — 21 Sep Protests

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Cynthia McKinney

Phi Beta Iota:  The following is being circulated world-wide (less US “mainstream” media), and represents both an African view, and the view of those associated with Cynthia McKinney and her related concerns of 21st Century imperialism and genocide against black Africans at the hands of the Libyan forces seeking to topple Qathafi.

Hands off Libya Protests on September 21

Mathaba, 2011/09/05

Statement by masses in Ghana and also advice on how to organize a demonstration in your own community.

The “US/NATO Hands Off Libya! Hands Off Africa!” coalition consists of revolutionary and progressive African organizations in Ghana who oppose the US/NATO illegal invasion of Libya/Africa and support Muammar Qathafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya to win the war against US/NATO imperialist forces and NTC/Al Qaeda reactionaries.  The coalition is organizing a march from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to the US Embassy to demonstrate against the illegal US/NATO invasion and for victory to Qathafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya on 21st September 2011.

We are calling on all Africans in Africa and the diaspora to demonstrate at US embassies on the same day.

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Fellow Africans, brothers and sisters of the media, today Africa is facing the most notorious gang of armed robbers in history. Africa is like the house. Libya is like the security door. US/NATO bombing is like the robbers using the concrete block to beat open the door. If they open up Libya with their bombing it will enable the armed robbers to enter with their weapons pointed at the entire African family. Their aim is to rob Africa at gunpoint with Africom and NATO, pointing their weapons at every African with their fingers on the trigger. In Africa the masses have discovered when the authorities fail to take decisive action against armed robbers they are usually getting something from the robbers and the masses themselves must organize and take decisive action to take out the armed robbers. It is time for mass organization and action!

Economic Motive

Kwame Nkrumah stated, “military strategy presupposes political aims, all military problems are political and all political problems are economic.” The basis and motive for the US/NATO invasion of Libya is economic. European and American capitalism has decayed into crisis and the NATO countries have a massive and uncontrollable foreign debt of more than $49 trillion dollars according to the World Bank. America owes $14.6 trillion, The EU – $13.7 trillion, Britain – $9 trillion, Germany – $4.7 trillion, France – $4.7 trillion, and The Netherlands – $3.7 trillion. With their spending addiction, they all can never pay back their debts. This is the reason why they are invading Libya with international state terrorism using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a terrorist organization, to rob Africa; a military strategy to solve an economic problem.

History of Robbing Africa

These NATO countries have enriched themselves in the past by organizing an armed robbery for human beings, a slave raid, with cannons, guns, and chains, using local agents to capture and steal millions of Africans from their families, tribes, nations, and continent. They enriched themselves further by organizing a Berlin Conference, in Germany, in 1884 to invade Africa with violent armed colonization, robbing Africa for gold, diamonds, and other valuable resources through the forced exploitation of African labor. With organization Africans have defeated the slave raid and colonialism. Africa will defeat neo-colonialism, which Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah correctly called, “the last stage of imperialism,” in his famous book, Neo-Colonialism the Last Stage of Imperialism. Today the front line is in Libya; the key country leading Africa to Continental Government and economic independence as a liberated zone.

Libya as an Example

The Libyan masses own and control their resources! Ninety percent of all oil revenues in Libya are used to meet the needs of the masses. Every month $500 dollars of the nation’s revenues go directly into every Libyans bank account. When marrying, Libyan couples receive 60,000 dinars (about $50,000 US dollars) to begin their married life and start their family. Libyans have free education, free health care, free electricity, free water, and every citizen receives a free house. Tens of thousands of Ghanaians and Africans have gone to Libya for work and have sent remittances to their families to raise their living conditions. Libya contributed $300 million to buy a satellite for Africa improve its telecommunications system and was preparing to contribute $32 billion to establish an African Monetary Fund, to replace the dictatorial US and EU controlled International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB). This $32 billion will be under the control of the African Union, which will end European imperialist economic control over African governments, to create political space for Africa to Unify under a continental government. Libya has demonstrated a commitment to African Unity.

Ghanaians and all Africans must stand with Libya in the spirit of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah on 21st September 2011, Osagyefo’s 102nd birthday; and MARCH ON THE US EMBASSY.

Qathafi: A Great African Leader and Revolutionary

Muammar Qathafi led the Libyan masses to forcibly remove the puppet of imperialism, King Idriss, from power and eliminated the US, British, and Italian, military bases from Libyan/African soil. He led the masses to take control of Libya’s rich oil resources, which were being robbed by US, UK, and Italian companies like, Occidental, Mobile, British Petroleum, and ENI. Qathafi wrote The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory to develop an ideology which guides the Libyan people and serves as an example for Africans and people of the world to create a just and righteous society based on right principles and independent thinking from their culture and history. This is similar to Nkrumah writing his book, Consciencism; philosophy and ideology for decolonization, in which Nkrumah stated, “practice without thought is blind, thought without practice is empty.”

Qathafi, like Nkrumah, is a great African thinker! Qathafi stepped down as Head of State in Libya in 1979 to cede full power to the Libyan masses over their political process and resources through their People’s Congresses and People’s Committee’s with direct democracy which was launched in 1977. The masses recognize Brother Leader Qathafi as “Leader of the Revolution” because of his good works, principled life, and full commitment and love for the masses of Libyans, Africans, and humanity. Muammar Qathafi slept in a tent and maintained his mother and father in a tent until every Libyan FIRST had a home before his own family would get their home. He did this to set the example for the society. Today every Libyan owns a house!!!!! This is similar to Fidel Castro, who began land reform by seizing his mother’s plantation to set the example for the new order and gave the land to those who work on it; like Castro, Qathafi is a true revolutionary.

Obama’s Klu Klux Klan; Al Qaeda

The US, UK, and France, are capitalist plutocracies (ruled by a few rich). The US is a settler colonial state on the stolen land of the indigenous people which denied Africans, Indigenous People, Women, and landless white indentured servants and settlers, the right to vote for hundreds of years. Today in America an electoral college of imminent private citizens votes for the president, not the people!!! The US President sends its settler colonial citizens to die in wars throughout the world against the will of its citizens; today the US is fighting four wars.

Britain is ruled by a Queen with no constitution and an unelected House of Lords. Therefore their crusade for democracy contrasts with their own dictatorial practice. Britain calls those rebelling against police terrorism in Britain criminals while calling Al Qaeda in Libya pro democracy forces.

France’s Constitutional Council swears in the President of France, but when the same type of Constitutional Council swore in Laurent Gbagbo in Cote D’Ivoire, France used its military to bomb the Presidential Palace and sent French commandos to capture the Ivorian Head of State and humiliate him and his wife who are currently in captivity today.

This hypocritical behavior demonstrates how the US/NATO can finance, arm, train, provide military air cover for Al Qaeda terrorist. They put a NTC mask on Al Qaeda and instruct nations of the world to recognize it as the Libyan government, imposing it with billions of dollars in bombs while fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Yes!!!!! The National Transitional Council is Al Qaeda!!!!! They are the CIA trained terrorist organization of Osama Bin Laden. They were initially the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and merged with Al Qaeda in 2007. This terrorist organization is anti-Black!!!! Obama, the US President with a Black African father from Kenya and a Black wife and children is sponsoring a Klu Klux Klan, Apartheid, movement in Libya to murder Black people because of the color of their skin. In fact, if the Al Qaeda terrorist saw Obama, his, wife, or his family in Libya and didn’t know who they were, they would be lynched, raped, and tortured. White Supremacy has massaged Obama’s head like a baby and now he has the mind of a white supremacist with the body of an African. Al Qaeda is Obama’s personal Klu Klux Klan. This means Africans in America and Africans throughout the world must organize to defend themselves because like Malcolm X said, “[the house slave] identified himself with his master more than the master identifies with himself” and “if the masters house caught on fire, the house slave would fight harder to put the fire [capitalist crisis] out than the master.” Obama is a 21st century House Slave leading an imperialist and white supremacist invasion of Africa and using an apartheid Klu Klux Klan CIA trained Al Qaeda movement to commit genocide by bombing women, children and babies, and specifically targeting Black Africans for enslavement and genocide. The African masses must act now! United Africa is invincible!


From these reasons we can conclude US imperialism is using Obama’s Black face to disguise its imperialist and white supremacist aggression and terrorism against Africa. This is an attempt to knock out Africa’s strongest liberated zone and leader. It is an attempt to save the capitalist economy and system from its inevitable collapse through militarizing neo-colonialism to accelerate the exploitation of Africa with greater force. It seeks to fuel a full scale invasion of Africa with Libya’s oil and crush Pan Africanism and socialism in Africa, which is Africa’s greatest weapon and the greatest threat to neo-colonialism. Ghana's struggle to take control of the gold and oil as part of Africa's struggle for economic independence and unity is the same struggle the Libyan Jamahiriya is fighting against US/NATO imperialism today.

We Africans are Confident in the Victory of Good Over Evil! We will Win!

The Libyan masses led by Muammar Qathafi are still in control of most of the territory in Libya, of television stations, oil resources, and the masses are armed and trained militarily. In Libya more territory is under the control of Qathafi’s forces of liberation than the US/NATO/Al Qaeda terrorists. The African Union Peace and Security Council Chairman, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, has called NATO a terrorist organization likened to Al Qaeda and the African Union has just decided not to recognize the NTC as the Libyan government, despite imperialist pressures and threats. This means the NTC is isolated inside Africa, divided, and near collapse. We reject terrorism in Africa and we are calling on all Africans to confront the leading international state terrorist in the world today, Barak Hussein Obama, at his house, in every corner of the world, to stop his madness.

We will march on every US embassy in Africa and the world on 21st September to protest against the US/NATO terrorism against Libya and Africa and to demonstrate our solidarity with Qathafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya [authority of the masses] to win the war. We urge every African to join an organization working for the people. We must take our activities from mobilization to organization; this will make our unity permanent.

On the 42nd anniversary of the 1st September revolution, Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Qathafi gave a speech. This is a small excerpt from the speech….. “The Libyan people will not surrender and will not accept to be governed like animals. There are too many problems between the traitors and NATO; the crusaders and traitors will be defeated to soon. You have to continue resistance, Tripoli you have to continue resistance in every area, attack their checkpoints like they attack us. Every tribe should control an area in Tripoli and so should the youth. Make checkpoints in the streets. Don't fear them, you are millions so attack them from everywhere”…”

“Why does it scare them when Libyan people are listening to my voice? Because they are weak and afraid. This is a trick, all you are listening to are lies, it's false. Let this war be as long as necessary till we win. They can't rule Libya because we are armed. They have to surrender in front of the Libyan people. They don't have anything, only agents. The colonizers will not be here forever, this will be finished soon. NATO won't protect those agents forever; they want you to be afraid because they are afraid themselves, because they can't breathe. They cut off all communications because they can't breathe, they made this plan to steal our oil and to occupy our Land, so don't surrender to those agents.”

We will demonstrate at the US embassy on the 102nd birthday of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah which is officially Founders Day (a national holiday) in Ghana, the day in which the African Union at the 13th Summit in Sirte, Libya unanimously voted to adopt, the centenary of, as an AU activity.

We are calling on ALL AFRICANS, South Americans, Asians, Arabs, Europeans, Indians, and all people who oppose US/NATO/Al Qaeda terrorism to demonstrate at US embassies on that day. The march and demonstration will begin at Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra Ghana and proceed to the US embassy.

We will win the war in Libya! We will unite Africa under a continental government! We will take control over Africa’s resources by the African people with socialism.

Victory to the Libyan masses! Victory to the Jamahiriya!
US/NATO Hands Off Libya! US/NATO Hands Off Africa!
Victory to Qathafi!

For further information contact:
Phone: +233-243-573-387

Steps to organize a demonstration:
1. Write a statement of your organizations position on the US/NATO invasion of Libya.
2. Contact other organizations or individuals who might be interested in taking action. You can contact those who have a history of such work.
3. Arrange a meeting to discuss and plan the demonstration.
4. Begin to educate the public about the illegal invasion of Libya by the US/NATO.
5. Get the necessary permits if necessary to demonstrate.
6. Contact the media outlets which will allow space to educate the people about this issue.
7. Write and copy education materials to give to the masses.
8. Confer with organizers who have planned demonstrations in your area to prepare for the demonstration.
9. Recruit those who participate into organizations. [Take their details down including name, address, email, phone numbers, and enter those one by one into for those who believe in direct democracy or refer them to that site, and inform them about]
10. Contact all African embassies and send them your statements to encourage them to participate in the demonstrations.
*You can use our information and/or contact our organizers for suggestions

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