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Our veterans in particular, but all citizens generally, are beginning to realize that the US Government as well as State and local governments, are in violation of their constitutional charters more often than might be imagined.  Today we begin a new Rolling Update focused on the Constitution of the United States of America, and also start a new Twitter tag.  It is our view that respect for the Constitution, and the demand for Electoral Reform, go together.

9 Dec 2011

Saving Our Democracy (Bernie Sanders)

A Petition to Support the Saving American Democracy Amendment

Ignoring The Constitution

Congress Violates Constitution with New Law

A National Defense Act or how to undermine the US Constitution?

Obama is ignoring the U.S. Constitution

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7 Dec 2011

“The United States is fighting terrorism – one snow cone at a time.”

Balanced budget amendment would be a national disaster

Congress about to undermine our basic constitutional rights

Constitution Kills Third Party Bid

Guest opinion: Congress abdicates power to declare war

How Technology is Making Corporate Lawyers More Powerful

Land of the Free? Citizens to Subjects

Move To Amend LA: City Council To Vote On Amending US Constitution To Say Corporations Are Not People (VIDEO)

Reassert state sovereignty, tea party says

Shariah law is exploiting the U.S. constitution

Should the United States continue to exist?

U.S. Constitution Challenged by New Technology and Changes

U.S. Senate Authorizes Military to Detain U.S. Citizens

Below the line: past entries and websites.

Warning Notice:  There are quite a few extremists flogging Constitutional issues as a cover for looting the Treasury and impoverishing the public.  The Koch brothers are among them.  Because the US Government and the two-party plutocracy have lost all legitimacy, they cannot be relied upon to properly interpret and enforce the provisions of the Constitution applicable at the federal and state levels.  This duty falls to We the People.

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Against the Constitution: Imperialism

Against the Constitution: Patriot Act and Patriot Act II

Against the Constitution: US Army “Mission First”

Analysis and Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States

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Facts About the US Constitution

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Islam and the US Constitution

Lesson Plans for the US Constitution

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People's Guide to the US Constitution

Reduction of Voting Age to 18 (26th Amendment)

SourceWatch and the US Constitution

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