Owl: Drugs of War – The Imperial Trade, Banks on Top

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Who? Who?

A Jaw-Dropping Explanation of How Governments Are Complicit in the Illegal Drug Trade

The drug war is far, far more than just simply criminals at work, says scholar Oliver Villar.

Note: The following interview helps us understand the drug war from a dramatically different perspective than the one the corporate media paints. Instead the traditional portrayal of the war on drugs as a fight between law enforcement and illicit drug dealers, scholar Oliver Villar explains that the illegal drug trade is a tool of empire a means of “social control” as much as profit. Villar, a lecturer in politics at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia's insight is well worth the read.


LS: Catherine Austin Fitts, a former investment banker from Wall Street, shared this observation once with me:

Essentially, I would say the governments run the drug trade, but they're not the ultimate power, they're just one part, if you will, of managing the operations. Nobody can run a drug business, unless

the banks will do their transactions and handle their money. If you want to understand who controls the drug trade in a place, you need to ask yourself who is it that has to accept to manage the transactions and to manage the capital, and that will lead you to the answer who's in control. [2]

What are your thoughts on this essential equation?

Read full interview.

Phi Beta Iota:  The truth will not be known until the discipline of Public Administration matures into the integrative discipline of Public Governance, and counter-intelligence becomes the most righteous of professions, pervasive and ruthless across full-spectrum Human Intelligence (HUMINT).  We certainly see the United Kingdom as a state with a long history us using drugs as a matter of national policy.  The USA is a bit more complex.  Since after WWII there appears to have been an extremely well-financed and well-managed endeavor under “deep secrecy” with the objective of penetrating the US Government at all levels, so as to be able to co-opt any US Government capability — and the authority of any element of the US Government — for the routine conduct of high crimes and misdemeanors that are assuredly treason when carried out by anyone who has sworn an Oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign.   The Dulles Brothers, in our view, were the beginning of a persistent process of ensuring that “members of the club” were placed at all levels of every major government institution, with the Department of the Treasury and the Black Lily Fund as the center of this covert hidden government, rather than State or CIA — and each penetration was presumably responsible for assuring the admission and promotion of their successors.  Examine that from a religious counter-intelligence point of view, and you rapidly produce actionable intelligence.  We must stress that it is not the institutions — the Director of the CIA, for example, has no clue what is being done every day, ostensibly at his direction and all the more easily today now that there are so many contractors and third party governments in the Safari Club.  The Federal Reserve, and the oldest Houses of Finance in New York City, have been the controllers and abusers.  What we have noticed is that there is plenty of integrity in the US Government across the ranks — for example those who investigated the murders of Senator Tower, Senator Wellstone, and JFK Jr. — but not at the top.  We are at an impasse.  Those at the bottom need their jobs and are correctly in fear of being made destitute by the authority that can be imposed upon them.   The public is oblivious — captured by entertainment and informed by a corrupt media and assuaged by “controlled opposition” actors such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  In our view, the dark powers that have subverted the US Government over-reached in the 1990's, and under-estimated the scale and speed of the Internet and all that the Internet makes possible.  To conclude: we hope a civil war can be avoided.  Truth & Reconciliation, combined with an Electoral Reform Act of 2012 and a Smart Nation Act of 2012, are more than ample to preserve the ill-gotten gains of the 1% and unleash the entrepreneurial wealth-creating energy of the 99%.  THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A FIGHT.  In our humble opinion.

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