Robert Steele: Fake News as Treason — An Indictment of CIA, NSA & Everyone Else…Russians Did Not Hack Election, This is a Coup in Progress…

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Robert David Steele

With its latest attempt to de-rail the accidental but never-the-less legitimate election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, CIA — John Brennan specifically and every senior executive not speaking up now to disown Brennan — has crossed the line into indictable treason. There is every reason now to close down both CIA and NSA — each has spied with impunity on US politicians and judges and others for decades, each has blackmailed US politicians with impunity for decades.

The real story has five parts.

Part I: Treason by CIA & NSA. This is the part CIA and NSA want to obscure, their decades of unconstitutional surveillance of and blackmail of US politicians. Russia did not hack the election. This is a blatant lie. [NOTE: President's Daily Brief is crap — secret sources and methods provided General Tony Zinni with less than 4% of what he needed as CINCENT — and nothing for everyone else. The IC is a spending cesspool that is worthless in supporting Whole of Government strategy, policy, operations, and acquisition.]

Part II: Electoral Fraud by Hillary Clinton and Media Refusal to Document System Rigged Twelve Ways. Stanford University documented all this — she is not the legitimate Democratic Party nominee — she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders with electronic fraud in 13 states, and was planning to use the same fraud against Donald Trump until DHS stepped in. The fact that the media refuses to cover how the electoral system is rigged twelve different ways — while Donald Trump refuses to call for an Electoral Reform Act to unrig the system — is troubling.

Part III: Pedophilia rampant within Wall Street & the Vatican elite — the Podesta emails and the citizen investigative journalism that followed has them absolutely frantic because abusing (and snuffing) small children is the last taboo, the one that could bring the Establishment crashing down.

Part IV: Legalized Crime by Wall Street and Boeing and Lockheed et al. Donald Trump may turn out to be a fake easily bribed by the Rothchilds, but right now he is showing an inclination to end “business as usual” where Wall Street and the military-industrial complex rob the public treasury with the complicity of the two-party tyranny. The charity fraud of the Clinton Foundation is chump change compared to the high crimes of organized finance and dysfunctional military acquisition.

Part V: Online Censorship. Facebook, Google and YouTube — and probably Amazon and PayPal soon — are the new secret police of the neo-fascists who control Washington from Wall Street and the City of London. Skeptical citizen journalism is “propaganda organized by Russia” or a “hate crime” and will not be tolerated. Once digital cash is pervasive, individuals failing to repeat the party line will be made destitute…a reminder of how PayPal screwed WikiLeaks in violation of the law and its fiduciary obligations.

President-Elect Donald Trump should consider appointing a Director of National Intelligence capable of burning the existing dysfuctional, treasonous, largely worthless secret intelligence community to the ground. An Open Source Agency will suffice for the first four years, and will effectively give the President — and his entire Cabinet as well as all Congressional jurisdictions overseeing the executive — vastly more useful decision-support in one year than the secret world has produced in the past quarter century. The secret world is a spending cesspool and now —  this is so clear — a nest of traitors who need to be put down. We still need secret sources and methods — perhaps 20% of what we have now — but with ethics and professionalism and no contractors. ENOUGH!


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