Mongoose: Corbyn Sodomized by Labour as Labour is Sodomized by Zionists — ENOUGH Already!

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The time to eradicate Zionist Israel is now.  9/11 Truth will do that.

Legal Advice and Common Sense Jettisoned as UK Labour Party Leaders Surrender to Zionist Diktat

According to the Guardian the most controversial passage in Corbyn’s draft statement said: “It cannot be considered racist to treat Israel like any other state or assess its conduct against the standards of international law. Nor should it be regarded as antisemitic to describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist because of their discriminatory impact, or to support another settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict.”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: To my eternal shame, I was not focused on the Zionist parasite and threat until the Zionists, through their secret police network managed by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), attacked #UNRIG, myself, and Cynthia McKinney, “six ways in ninety days.”  Until they attacked me and destroyed the $500K a year #UNRIG Election Reform Campaign (to include ADL influence on MeetUp, which cancelled a $77,000 a year paid professional network of one #UNRIG MeetUp in each Congressional District, at the same time that MeetUp then and still today waives all fees for the seditious #RESIST MeetUps (1,087 of them, a considerable illegal undeclared campaign contribution to the Democratic Party), I saw Zionist Israel and in the USA AIPAC and ADL, as one among many factors to be considered in the demise of the USA.  No more.  Zionist Israel is THE cancer that must be eliminated, both in the Middle East, and within the USA, where AIPAC and ADL must be properly registered as agents of a foreign power ineligible for non-profit status.  ENOUGH Already!

9/11 Truth is how we take down Zionism specifically and the Deep State generally.  Our victory is inevitable.

Corbyn’s problem is that the Zionists have all of his subordinates on video doing bad things to small children — almost everyone at the top ranks of Labour (as well as the top ranks of the Conservative Party) is either a pedophile (and often a murderous pedophile) or has been captured on tape, drugged, doing pedophile  things — the blackmail being softened by the considerable bribery that Zionists can bring to bear from a mix of stealing from the USA, subsidies from the Rothschilds, and rich billionaires such as the one that funded  the Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia operations in the USA that have ensnared Presidents, First Ladies, Vice Presidents, Senators, Governors, Mayors, judges, media personalities, prosecutors,  and more.

There are three initiatives that will converge to end Zionism: a truth channel, #UNRIG, and the growing public awareness of and outrage of the pedophilia scourge (a scourge that unites Zionists with Catholic, Mormon, and other church leaders who are deeply guilty of raping, torturing, and often murdering small children).

I have no direct knowledge of the degree to which our President has been compromised in the past by the Zionists (including the Russian Jewish mafia) but I believe three things:

01 My NYPD retired detectives tell me that our President is a man of his word by 8th Avenue rules, and a street fighter. I believe the day will come when he turns on Zionism while protecting Judaism — they are not the same thing and anyone who says they are is a Zionist or a moron. President Trump, like President Putin, appears to be skilled at building his power base with the help of enemies who can be cut down later.

02 Zionism must take a back seat to taking down the larger Deep State. I expect the President to emerge triumphant against the Deep State (which is largely an economic and financial fight already won). The next big step for our President is to reconnect with the 99% (including the 9 million US Jews), to do that he needs a Truth Channel that bypasses the MSM and #GoogleGestapo (which is controlled by a mix of the US secret intelligence community and the Zionists using the ADL as their “trusted censor”); and he needs #UNRIG to take down the two-party tyranny that is the enabler of the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly. Chuck Schummer should be planning his exit strategy.

03 Regardless of whether our President removes Zionists from power across the USA, the removal of Zionists from power in the USA is now the non-negotiable demand of We the People who wish to restore integrity to our economy, our government, and our society. 2024 should see a coalition team aspire to the presidency with no fewer than four major initiatives: coalition cabinet announced in advance; balanced budget and restoration of state sovereignty announced in advance; the end of the federal income tax announced in advance; and the end of Zionist influence in America, announced in advance.

I am HONORED to be a 9/11 Truther, and I am COMMITTED to restoring the Constitution, the Republic, and the integrity of America the Beautiful.


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