Stephen E. Arnold: Who Is Behind China’s Mass Surveillance Excellence? Israel

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Stephen E. Arnold

Who Is Assisting China in Its Technology Push?

Digging in this field of inquiry, one can learn how the Israeli company “flows” US intelligence-related technology from the US and elsewhere through an intermediary so that certain surveillance systems in China can benefit directly from what looks like technology developed in Israel.

Net net: If one wants to understand how US technology moves from the US, the subject must be examined in terms of academic programs, admissions, policies, and connections as well as from the point of view of US company investments in technologies which received funding from Chinese sources routed through entities based in Israel. Looking at a couple of firms does not do the topic justice and indeed suggests a small scale operation.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I have personal experience with one particular Israeli company stealing from NSA and reselling as alleged “invented in Israel” products. In practical terms, the greatest threat to the USA, both in terms of domestic prosperity and international security, is the Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal state of Israel. They are a primary source of both false flag operations and economic espionage subverting national economies, and a primary institigator of the militarization of the police world-wide along with mass surveillance.  Enough, already. We must demand that our President fulfill his campaign promise with respect to 9/11 disclosure, while also using NSA to nail down all the dual citizen traitors, white collar criminals, and pedophiles associated with Zionist subversion in the USA.  This is PRIORITY ONE.

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