Reference: Panarchy–Governance in the Network Age

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ABSTRACT:  The primary hyposthesis that I will endeavor to support is that leveraging the benefits of network organization constitutes a new source of power and a new way of accomplishing global governance.

Complexity + Networks + Connectivity = Panarchy

CONCLUSION:  In this paper I have shown that the convergence of processes crosses a critical threshhold to create new possibilities for governance.  The result is a new system.  The key distinction between the old system and the new lies in the fact that governance in the old system was achieved through states, whereas in the new system it is not only achieved outside of hierarchies through horizontal networks, but is in fact often achieved in spite of hierarchies.

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Phi Beta Iota: The author is meticulous in crediting James N. Rosenau, Turbulence in World Politics: A Theory of Change and Continuity (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1990) for originating many of the concepts that underlay the emergent scholarship on panarchy.

Graphic: Data Pathologies

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I’m sticking to my story–there is nothing wrong with America, the government, the department of defense, or the secret intelligence community, that cannot be restored with one word–INTEGRITY.

In no way does this impugn the honor or the good intentions of specific individuals or organizations.  Instead, this addresses the reailty that our industrial-era society has failed to adapt and is on the verge of collapse in the face of complexity.  Only bottom-up Collective Intelligence can cope, but that requires innovative and pervasive education for all.

Graphic: Political Factions 002

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Pau Ray's Depiction of US Interest Groups
Pau Ray's Depiction of US Interest Groups

Used with permission, this was created by Paul Ray, co-author with Sherri Anderson of the brilliant early book, Cultural Creatives, see my review.

Contrast this issue-based factionalization–one that can be drawn together by first focusing on the 80% where we are all in general agreement–in contrast to the ideological divisions represented by the Tyranny of Two.

Graphic: 1989 USMC JNIDS VI Workup

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PDF USMC Winning Submission to JNIDS*

*3 years after the fact, too late to fix, USMC was told that it had won, but the Admiral in charge of JNIDS said “We are a Navy shop, we will do a Navy problem.” This is emblematic of the pervasive corruption across DoD at every level across every mission area.

Graphic: Pre-Conditions of Revolution

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The 1976 graduate thesis has not, to the  best of our knowledge, been superceeded.  It could certainly be improved and updated.  At the end it provides an operationalization (specification of data elements to be collected and analyzed) for each of the pre-conditions of revolution.

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1969 Herman L. Croom, The Exploitation of Foreign Open Sources

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PDF:  1969 Croom Open Source Agency

Original Online Source (GWU.EDU/~NSARCHIV)

Phi Beta Iota:  We are indebted to Dr. Hamilton Bean, who discovered this document in the course of doing research for his superb book, the first authentic book on open source intelligence in the context of a secret world that would rather be blind, deaf, and dumb, as long as it could do so as expensively as possible, and of course with impunity.

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