Journal: Global Impact Vulnerability Alert System

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Extract from Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Press Conference

“We are also creating a new Global Impact Vulnerability Alert System, giving us real-time data and analysis on the socio-economic picture around the world, so that governments can reach those who most need it.”



Briefing Press, Deputy Secretary-General Says Global Impact Vulnerability Alert System Promises to Be 21st Century Tool to Help Analyse Modern Global Problems, 18 September 2009

iRevolution, Global Impact and Vulnerability Alert System (GIVAS): A New Early Warning Initiative? July 2, 2009 Patrick Philippe Meier

Reference: Cloud Computing 1.0 25 Sep 09

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Could Computing 101
Could Computing 101

There are at least two organized gangs in cloud computing, with several more emerging in the wings.  This is a first cut at what we have in play.

Below the fold are a list of members of the Infrastructure 2.0 Gang and the Cloud Connect Gang, followed by a number of headlines from 2007 to date that comprise a rapid read-in.

As with the origin of computers, when librarians were not consulted, the focus on these gangs is on technical connectivity and related issues (e.g. authentication, security), and NOT on information-sharing and sense-making as the ultimate objective.

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Journal: Mobile Net Neutrality

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Mobile Net Neutrality Moves to Policy Forefornt

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski wants to expand and codify the FCC’s four network neutrality principles and to utter horror of wireless carriers, make them apply the mobile Internet. It all adds to one of greatest policy battles at the FCC in years.

The entire story is strongly hostile to the FCC and a “must read.”

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See also: Net neutrality fight begins. Not unexpectedly,  FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski this week issued a call for an “open Internet,” and wireless networks are not immune. Most wireless operator executives aren’t happy.

Meanwhile, we’re focusing on Open Spectrum and Bottom-Up Clouds.

Journal: Real-time Web keeps social networkers connected

Real Time

With this post we begin a new sub-set under Journal, for Real-Time and Near-Real-Time material.    The other similar sub-set is focused on True Cost.

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Now, established companies and start-ups are scrambling to develop real-time Web applications for gaming, intuitive online searches, location services and customer support. The market potential is huge, tech analysts and others say.

Everything from cellphones to common digital cameras is “being turned into eyes and ears for applications,” says Tim O’Reilly, the founder of O’Reilly Media who is credited with inventing the term Web 2.0. “Data is being collected, presented and acted upon in real time. It’s all about immediacy and instantaneous data.”

The need for speed

The need for data speed has inspired O’Reilly to come up with a new phrase, “Web squared,” to describe the evolution of the Web as we know and use it. O’Reilly and John Battelle, founder of Federated Media Publishing, coined it in a white paper preceding their Web 2.0 Summit conference in San Francisco next month.