Review (Guest): What’s Mine Is Yours–The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

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Rachel Botsman
(Author), Roo Rogers

5.0 out of 5 stars Ways to Share That Benefit You and Others

September 17, 2010

ByKare Anderson “Kare Anderson” (Sausalito, CA) – See all my reviews

One Saturday a friend who lives on Nob Hill in S.F. drove a zipcar over to visit me in Sausalito. He was eager to tell me about his trip to Istanbul, paid for by renting out his spare bedroom. Earlier that morning, via a freecycle posting, a stranger picked up some clay pots I'd set out by my garage so he could make a deck garden. Our apparently different actions are, in fact, part of a trend that Roos Rogers and Rachel Botsman dub collaborative consumption in their book, What's Mine is Yours.

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